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How to repair Hard Disk Drive (HDD) bad sector

The hard drive of a PC is composed of a large number of tiny sectors. These are designed to allow the OS to keep track of data and manage storage more efficiently. For the smooth running of the computer, bad sectors must be repaired to keep it running smoothly.

Under normal conditions of wear and tear, a sector can sustain physical damage and becomes, what is known as, a bad sector. Most hard drives have several bad sectors on them, and the OS simply works around them, as only small amounts of data are lost due to bad sectors. However, if the bad sector happens to be associated with system files then the PC could crash.

If your computer's disc is still working reasonably well, make a point of backing up your data right away. You should then be able to use a full format process to mask the bad sectors. Once this step has been completed, you will be able to continue using the disc' your computer's operating system will be able to detect the bad sectors and avoid them.

HDD bad sector and HDD bad sector errors may cause a PC to crash, and if this happens, you can use Wondershare PowerSuite Golden to perform a comprehensive Windows recovery. PowerSuite Golden will also attempt to restore as much lost data as it can using advanced raw rescue technology when HDD bad sector repair errors occur due to bad sectors on the drive. Repair bad sectors on hard drive using Wondershare PowerSuite Golden.

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