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How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod

Is there any way I can transfer music from my Android Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 to my iPod touch 4G?

The iPod is a good music player, on which you can enjoy music whenever and wherever possible. If you have a bunch of songs on your Android phone or table, you may want to transfer to the iPod. However, unlike Android device, you can't directly transfer music to iPod without the help of a program, like iTunes. If you are looking for ways to copy music from Android to iPod, now stop here. Here is a useful Android to iPod transfer tool, that is, Wondershare MobileTrans or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac. It gives you the transfer all music on your Android device to iPod with 1 click.

Download this Android to iPod transfer tool on the computer. In the part below, Lets' try the Windows version. The Mac version works in a similar way.

Download Win Version Download mac version

Note: Wondershare MobileTrans is fully compatible with thousands of Android devices and many iPods. Here, you can check all supported Android devices and iPods.

How to transfer music from Android to iPod

The part below is the process of transferring music from the Android device to iPod. Lets' go and check it out!

Step 1. Install and run this Android to iPod transfer tool

The first thing you should do is to install and run this tool on your computer. Then, the primary window shows up on your computer screen. Go to Phone to Phone Transfer mode and click Start.

music from android to ipod

Step 2. Connect your iPod and Android device to the computer

Next, connect both of your Android device and iPod to the computer by the USB cables. This tool will detect the devices instantly. After that, you'll see the Android device is shown on the left, and the iPod shows up on the right.

By clicking "Flip", you're able to change the places of the two devices. If you want to remove the music on your iPod to make room for the songs on your Android device, you can tick off "Clear data before copy.

transfer music from android to ipod

Step 3. Move music from Android to iPod

As you see the picture in step 2, music, contacts, calendar, text messages, videos and photos are checked and can be moved. If you just intend to move music, you should uncheck contacts, videos, calendar, text messages and photos.

Now, everything is ready. Lets' make the transfer by clicking "start Copy". In the process, don't disconnect your Android device or iPod. When all music on Android are transferred to the iPod, you ought to click "OK" to end it.

copy music from android to ipod

Now, try MobileTrans to transfer Android music to iPod with 1 click!

Download Win VersionDownload mac version

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Sure, it's still on your tablet.
If I am going to be putting my music from my tablet to my iPod will the music still remain on my tablet once transfer is complete?