How to Use VHS DVD Recorder to Backup Your Old VHS Tapes

The truth is that memories definitely have a lifespan, especially those who were captured on a dying medium which is known to us as Video Home System or also known as just VHS. This particular cassette design was never meant to last you a lifetime but rather for as long as the overly fragile magnetic tape, as well as the outer plastic, could actually hold up. However, if your VCR managed to keep the VHS tape alive for all those years, chances are that you might still be able to take advantage of them while putting them on something much more contemporary and without a doubt – a ton more reliable. We are talking about the DVD, of course, and using a VHS DVD recorder might be the solution that you’ve been looking for. However, this might definitely be easier said than done, especially if you haven’t touched technology of the kind before.

Step #1: Purchase a VHS-DVD Combo Player

Of course, if you already have one you are all good to go. A nice unit is likely to cost you something in the range between $100 and $200, but there are also cheaper alternatives that you might want to be wary about as they are not as reliable.

Step #2: Clean the VHS Tape and Test Your VCR

Now, this is rather optional, but you might want to do it just in case. Clean your particular video cassette tape and test the tape deck in order to determine that it’s not going to ruin your VHS.

Step #3: Insert the VHS Cassette along with a Blank DVD

Now, you want to make sure that the disc that you have inserted is actually fully compatible with the DVD recorder as some of them could only record in some particular formats like DVD+RW, for instance.

Step #4 Convert

This particular process is going to vary based on the type of machine you’ve purchased. This is why it might be a good idea to check the manual that’s provided by the manufacturer in order to reassure yourself that you are doing everything as per the instructions and that everything goes according to plan.

In any case, the process is rather seamless and uncomplicated. However, we mentioned that you are going to need a VHS DVD combo device. With this in mind, we are going to provide you with a few that you might want to give a shot.

1. Philips DVD/VCR Player DVP3345VB/F7

This is an excellent example of a DVD/VHS combo recorder. It’s going to provide you with a progressive scan technology which is not only going to provide a crisp and perfect picture but is also going to ensure seamless transfer of information from the tape to the DVD. Furthermore, it comes with Dolby Digital sound support which is going to provide you with rich sound.

On the offside, the device does not have 1080P conversion technology, and it’s also missing a two-way dubbing and an HDMI port which is a bit disappointing.

2. Toshiba DVD Recorder DVR 620

This is without a doubt one of the best solutions to resort to if you are stuck with a dilemma. It is a competent and capable machine that’s going to provide you with all the necessary features as well as the functionality which is required to play old-school media like VHS tapes.

However, it is missing some of the key benefits that some of its competing devices are offering which might be considered as a drawback.

3. Magnavox DVD VCR Player DV225MG9

The device is going to perfectly play of all your old VHS tapes, but it won’t be able to properly convert them to 1080p for HD televisions which is likely to be its major and frankly only con. However, it comes with excellent digital and sound recording options, which makes it amongst the best choices that you might opt for when seeking for your solution.

In any case, converting your old VHS tapes to the more contemporary DVDs might seem like a good idea if you want to ensure that they live a while longer. Furthermore, this would provide you with the chance of storing them on a computer which is pretty helpful.

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