Easiest Ways to Convert VHS to DVD

Today, most people wants to capture family videos in which it can be done in an easy way with phone. However, in previous years, most of the special events on family record such event using video camera wherein the videographer saves it in VHS tapes. If you have huge collections of VHS video tapes at your house and want it to be digitalize, convert this VHS tapes into DVDs and this is through converting VHS to DVD.

There are many reasons why you need to convert your VHS to DVD. It is because this kind of process is faster to use wherein you can save lots of your time, transfer your VHS format without having any problem and is cheaper wherein you can instantly create numerous copies that you want during the play back and will not require you to edit the conversation.

Here are the three methods on how to transfer your VHS to DVD:

Part 1:Use of VHS to DVD Recorder

The easiest way to convert your VHS tapes to become digitalize in its format is by VHS/DVD Recorder. This will help you transfer your videos and make it enhance its image quality it will inherent with the VHS. However, it takes an hour before you convert your VHS tapes.

Recommended Users: This alternative solution is highly recommended to those who are Non- tech or to those who have no computer skills.


  • Easy to use and connect to DVD conversion
  • It is very inexpensive
  • The programming can last long
  • The disc can be used over and over after recording
  • With high quality DVD


  • The disc have limited space
  • Disc can lead to damage in which it cannot be repaired
  • Take some time to transfer
  • VHS/DVD recorder are now almost extinct and hard to find

With VHS/DVD recorder is considered the easiest way since it is best for non-tech people. All you have to do is find your recorder put the blank DVD and VHS tape then press the one touch dubbing. There is no need for you to connect your computer or use any external converters and can be done by yourself.

Part 2:VHS Convert Service Online or Web services

Another way to preserve your VHS videos is finding a reliable service online or camera store who has the ability to convert your VHS tapes on behalf of you. This will be your great option if you think you don’t have the ability to handle the conversion process of VHS to DVD. However, this kind of process is a little bit costly since they will help you edit the every page of your tape but you will have the opportunity to remove some unwanted footage in your video.

Recommended Users:It is highly recommended to those who have enough budget and those individuals who wants to save their time as well as to non-tech guru.


  • Your video will be convert by the expert and remove that useless footage.
  • Can have the results in just few hours
  • It will be easy for you since there is someone who will do the work for you.


  • Takes lots of time especially in editing
  • Seems very inconvenience for those busy person
  • High in costly

If you want to find the best online provider for this kind of service, iMemories.com and YesVideo.com are best paid web services that are available in the market today who can help you convert your VHS video to DVD. All you have to do is ship your VHS tape and they will make your video available for download and for ordering online.

Part 3:Convert VHS through Computer

External converters are design to work for computer.

Recommended Users:in this kind of method, it will require you to have enough basic skills in computer and knows how to use external converters.


  • Save your cost
  • Can be done at home


  • Needs lots of time
  • You might get worry about software problem, storage issues, Gigabytes on computer, burn to DVD software and managing your files.

Now, you will have different options on how you will convert your VHS to DVD and treasure your own memories.

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