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How Do You Transfer Apps from Android to Another Android

How can you transfer all the apps you have on an old Droid to new Droid device so don't have to re-download all the apps again? Wanted to know how to do this before I upgrade from the D2 to the D3 Thanks.

You may face the same or similar problem that you ditch the old Android phone or tablet for the new one, and want to do the app transfer. However, unlike music, videos and photos, apps can't be directly copy from one Android SD card to another. Re-downloading all the apps is a time and energy consuming job.

In this case, I recommend you a useful phone transfer tool - the Wondershare MobileTrans or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac. It specially designed to transfer all apps from Android phones and tablet to another quickly and conveniently.

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3 steps to move Android apps to Another

Below is the detailed tutorial guiding you to sync apps from an Android to another. Please go on and read it. The tutorial is quite simple.

Step 1. Download and run MobileTrans

To get started, install and run MobileTrans on your computer. Then the main interface window pops up. Go to Start.

transfer apps from android

Step 2. Connect your Android phones or tablets to MobileTrans

Next, connect your two Android phones or tablets to the computer via USB cables. Once they are connected, MobileTrans will automatically detect them. And they will be displayed respectively in the place of "Source" and "Destination" in the main window.

You can tick Clear data before copy when you want to empty your destination phone to save apps.

sync apps from android

Note: If you want to change the place of source phone and destination phone, you can click Flip in the middle of the two phones.

Step 3. Copy apps from Android

Obviously, contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, music, videos, photos and apps can be transferred from one Android phone to another. Since you just want to copy apps, you should remove the marks before the corresponding items.

Click Start Copy to sync apps from one Android phone or tablet and save them to another one. Remember to keep your two Android phones or tablets connected all the way. When the app transfer progress is over, click OK.

move apps to android

Wow, you have managed to download your previous app from old Android to another. Just run the apps on your new Android phone or tablet and enjoy them!

Now, play the video tutorial to familiar with the steps about how to transfer Android apps to a new tablet or phone

With MobileTrans, you can not only transfer apps between Android phones and tablets, but move contacts from iPhone to Android phone, copy music from iPod touch to Android device, and more.

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Thomas Jones
Thanks. If you have any question while using this software, just let me know.
gotta try this asap
Thomas Jones
Not exactly. At present, Wondershare MobileTrans only lets you transfer apps between Android devices. In the near future, it will support transferring app data.
so does this mean all my hillclimb coins and all my purchased cars and levels will tranfer
Thomas Jones
Alex, as for your pro, please follow the tips: 1. Upgrade MobileTrans to the latest version (V3.5.0); 2. If it still fails to work, it's likely that the contacts that can't be edited are from the SIM card. In this case, you can log in your Google account on your Samsung phone to edit the contacts. 3. To better edit contacts, you can try the Wondershare MobileGo for Android.
I transferred my contacts from HTC to Samsung 4. The transfer went OK. The contacts transferred on the Samsung 4 are "Read Only". Impossible to edit them. Any suggestions? Thanks Alex
Thomas Jones
Sorry, saleen269, the app info will not be transferred to the new phone. You can start all over.
I understand that this can transfer my apps to my new insurance claimed phone, but my biggest question is this: does it also transfer the in-app information? A good example is if you have a game and have completed a ton of levels, will this information also be transferred to the new phone or would you have to start all over?
Thomas Jones
Yes, Turtle, To copy everything, you need pay for MobileTrans.
Do you need the paid version to copy everything?


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