• My wife was on me to clean up are music library on the mac over 15,000 songs did some search and fond your website. Your software was amazing it searched my library and found 99% of missing items I was amazed. Wish it was able to group all album songs to one folder but guess I will have to do a little work. I highly recommend give this a try.

    - Todd Thomas

    This program came in and wrecked utter havoc on my song tags. Everything was pretty good before, but some songs were missing lyrics and some songs were not tagged completely. The program came in and took my songs that were tagged correctly and renamed most of the albums, they didn''t always have the correct album jacket or lyrics, and then it turned my iTunes music folder into a mess of new albums/folders. When I tried to correct the album info, I would have albums broken up into 4 different groupings with all the same tag info, but the groups would not mix together. I deleted this mistake of a program. I''ve been using iTunes for years and I have never seen anything so screwed up. I have since removed and re-added my entire library. It looks like most of it has been corrected, but holy crap, it has taken and it''s going to take me many hours just to get back to what I had before.

    - Todd
  • I was very skeptical of tidymymusic, but I decided it couldn''t hurt anything to try out the trial. I have a lot of korean music that I downloaded from youtube. I was not expecting this to be able to accurately identify the songs, but it did. I looked each of my ten trial songs up, and everything was spot on, except the genre. It said "world" instead of pop/hip hop/R&B/kpop/etc. But overall, it did an exceptional job.

    - Yuna

    La aplicación encuentra la información hasta de álbumes raros; desde el Pop más mainstream al JPOP y KPOP, y hasta géneros latinoamericanos como la Trova, Salsa, Son y Reggaetón. Me parece una excelente herramienta, sólo le haría falta que pudieras escribir tú mismo algún dato cuando el que tenía está mal y el que te propone no te agrada.

    - Swedborg Morales
  • Man-this software is awesome! I was able to tidy up my iTunes to look clean again!

    - Trent

    I did a review for my website. I myself only have a few songs, but others are using it too with lots of songs, and either way, we all love it. Here's the review so you can see how it works: http://thehightechsociety.com/wondershare-tidymymusic-review-for-mac/. I wasn't paid or anything. Just reviewing it as we review other software programs, but this one really stood out so I decided to come put it in comments how well it works and how much we all like it. =)

    - Kimberly Carver
  • I would like to add lyrics to my big music library of 8000 songs. But it’s a lot of work to do it one by one. I really love your program because it lets me add lyrics in batch. Have almost finished adding lyrics to all my songs now.

    - Marcos

    Got it installed this morning. Works well on my iTunes library. Love it.

    - Christopher
  • Hey ....i have used this program to clean my music library! I am very very pleased. Thanks! The best program ever for tags. You will make as very happy if you release a version for windows! Thought there may be many people who want the same thing. Keep your good work and make us happy. Thanks.

    - Rozen

    2. Definitely a quality product. It not only finds the artist, title, genre, but also album art, lyrics. I really love the album art. And it’s awesome that your program can help me remove duplicates in my library. Love it. Will recommend to my friends.

    - Thomas

How to Give Your Music Collection a Full Makeover

It can be aggravating when your iTunes music library is peppered with missing song, artist information, and album artwork when songs were not purchased on the iTunes Store. TidyMyMusic for Mac is an all-in-one solution which uses sophisticated acoustic fingerprint technology to accurately find and add artist name, song name, album art, genre info and more. You can even download and view song lyrics and weed out duplicate tracks.
Fix Missing and Mislabeled Music Info

Fix Missing and Mislabeled Music Info

Say goodbye to labels like "unknown artist" and "Track 01" and say hello to complete song names and artist information. TidyMyMusic for Mac does it all fast and easy.
Find Missing Album Artwork with Ease

Find Missing Album Artwork with Ease

Don't settle for boring icons in your music library when you can instead have the original album artwork. TidyMyMusic for Mac finds and downloads album art so your library looks its best.
View Song Lyrics too!

View Song Lyrics too!

When listening to your music, you might want to view the song lyrics so you can sing along. TidyMyMusic for Mac finds and downloads song lyrics for instant viewing.
Say Goodbye to Duplicate Songs

Say Goodbye to Duplicate Songs

Duplicated MP3 files take up a lot of the valuable hard drive space. TidyMyMusic for Mac automatically identifies duplicates and it’s up to you to choose which one to stay and which has to go. And you can keep both if you like.
Take the Track Information on the Go

Take the Track Information on the Go

A permanent fix that you can take everywhere. The retrieved information or ID3 tag, including track details, album arts and lyrics, is embedded to the MP3 file itself. So you can sync all the information with the MP3 file to other devices like your iPod, iPad, iPhone and much more.
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Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

If you are not satisfied with the information retrieved, you can edit it any way you want it.

For All Music

For All Music

TidyMyMusic for Mac is designed to clean up all your music including local folders and iTunes library.


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