3 Ways to download deezer to mp3

Part 1: Best way to download deezer to mp3 directly

Wondershare Tunesgo

If you are looking to download music from deezer website then really it’s possible because wondershare tunesgo allows you to download deezer to mp3 directly without doing so much efforts with very easy steps. You can download or record music from deezer by using wondershare directly in the mp3. This is software is the best way to download deezer to mp3 directly on your laptop without any problem to listen your favorite spotify tracks on your laptop or any other device. It is able to download whole playlist once from the deezer also. So there is no need to download deezer songs one by one separately. This software comes with a lot of other features also such as it allows you to transfer your downloaded music to any other device without any device limitation.


Key features:

• It can download music from deezer and other more than 10000+ music streaming websites.

• If you don’t want to download music from third party then you can discover music from the tunesgo platform itself.

• You can record any music from any of the website which you like.

• Convert to the format which is supported by your device automatically.

• It automatically fix music tags and id3 information of the song.

• Automatically detect album cover of the song.

• Able to delete duplicate songs automatically.

• This is the only software which allow you to use android device with itunes also.

• There is no limit to transfer music between devices.

• You can transfer directly music from itunes to android, android to itunes or iphone to itunes by using it.

• Allows you to manage your itunes library without any restrictions.

• Backup your itunes library by using this software

• Inbuilt professional music player to playback your songs.

• Allow you to create your personal mextape CD easily in few steps.

• Able to back up your itunes library.

• Replace mp4 files to the mp3 automatically.

How to download deezer music easily with wondershare Tunesgo

After discussing properly about this software now it’s a time to discuss that how you can download deezer to mp3 directly using wondershare tunesgo. It has two way to download deezer to mp3: 1) Download deezer to mp3 using url; 2) Record deezer to mp3 with hight quality.  Following are some steps to learn the process of recording deezer to mp3.

Step 1:

To download your favorite track form deezer to mp3 first of visit the official page of wondershare tunesgo and then download and install this powerful software on your sytem to download your track from deezer in mp3.

Step 2:

After installing it on your system run it and open user interface of wondersahre tunesgo

Step 3:

Now open deezer.com and open your account by login with your account details you can do it by using facebook id and password or by email id and password also. After login find your favorite mp3 track which you want to download and play it.

Step 4:

Once your music is started playing again go back to the user interface of wondershare tunesgo and go on the record tab in the get music tab. Now click on the record button which is available in the middle down of record tab to record in mp3.

Step 5:

After clicking on the record button in the middle it will start recording of your music on your device. When you song is finished then again click on the record button to stop recording, and TunesGo will add the music tags and cover automatically. If you want to record a lot of songs in a playlist, you don't need record them one by one, just record them at one time, TunesGo will split the recorded songs automatically.

Step 6:

Once you have finished recording of your mp3 song you can now find it in the music library tab of the wondershare tunesgo.

Now one important thing that is after recording it will automatically add album cover information to the song and then you can transfer your song to the other device also. When you will transfer your song to other device it will automatically convert you music to the supported format of the device in which you are transferring your music.

Part 2: Another way to download deezer music to mp3

Iskysoft audio recorder:

This is also a great way to download music from deezer easily and in good quality. This software can record you deezer music in the mp3 format and in high sound quality. you can record deezer music only by using this software. Record in your system in the quality what you are listening on your computer. This software is able to filter ads and save your music only in the mp3 format. It help you to download your deezer music directly in the mp3 format and save you downloaded music on any device.

Key features:

• Download music from deezer and 500+ music sharing websites.

• Download music on windows 10, 8 and xp also.

• Download music in high quality.

• Just need to click once it will automatically starts recording.

• Available for both os windows and mac.

• Automatically split tracks and separate audio files.

• Detect ads and delete them and download music only.



save music from more than 500+ websites including deezer

able to filter and delete ads.


Quality of recorded sound is low

Sometime stop recording in middle while recording

how to download deezer music using iskysoft audio recorder

Now we are going to tell you how you can download music from deezer by using this software.

Step 1

To download deezer music to mp3 with this audio recorder first of all visit official page of this software by the above url and download it from there for windows or mac and install it on your system. You can follow on screen instruction to install it. Now open the program and click on the record button on the left side to start it.

Step 2

Once you have started this recorder you need to visit deezer.com and login with your account details and then play any of your favorite song. After playing song this recorder will automatically start recording of your song and if you want to record whole music then click on “record” button first before playing music.

Part 3: online way to download deezer to mp3

Streaming audio recorder

Streaming audio recorder is a nice way to record deezer to mp3 online. You can record your favorite music by using this tool online in few steps only. It works with so many music sites including deezer also. You record your music in high quality in mp3 format directly. There are a lot output format with this software such as WMA, FLAC, AAC, MP3. You can record your meetings using this software. It allows you to play your recorded deezer music on any device later. It is able to record music in one click.


how to record music from deezer with streaming audio recorder

1 if you want to download your music with this software then you need to download it first on your device from the above url.

2 After downloading install it on your system and run it

3 once after running you will see a gear shape icon and then open setting option for windows. You can set quality of your audio in this option. Select “audio input” as the “system sound” (mean it will record as you are listening on your system) and then select “Audio quality” as “high”.

4 now click on the record button on the interface of this software and the play your tracks on deezer website.

5 now it will start recording and you can check progress on the audio recorder. After finishing your track click on the “Stop” button.

6 after recording you can play the song by using inbuilt player of this software.

Part 4: compare the 3 ways with a comparision table

Wondershare tunesgo

iSkysoft Audio Recorder

Streaming audio recorder

Download music from deezer




Record music from deezer




Fix music tags and cover automatically




Convert automatically to the device supported format




Transfer music between any devices (ios, androind, win, mac)




Transfer music between devices(ios, android) and iTunes




Manage music library: detect and delete duplicates,remove missing/broken tracks




Burn music to cd




Backup & restore music/iTunes library




They're downloading

Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder

(Audio Recorder)

A real-time digital audio recorder that records any audio source that’s automatically detected on your computer.

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