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To specify the recording area on screen is improtant for your desktop recording. If you want to record any area as you like, DemoCreator is what you need. Here let's take a look at how to record different areas of desktop with this software.

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After you lauch DemoCreator and click the Record button, you will find that this desktop recording software provides flexible area capture options, then you are able to record your desktop screen as you like:

                      Desktop capture option Application - Record actions on a selected application window

                                 Desktop capture option Custom Size - Record actions within a specified area on the screen

Desktop capture option Full Screen - Record actions on the entire desktop

Record desktop application window

If the running software you want to record is in a certain window and there are few dialog boxes or pop-ups that show up out of the window, selecting Application option is fine. In taking screen shot recording mode, dialog boxes and pop-ups will only display in your recording if they are in the recording window. Anything which extends outside of the boundary of the window will be cut off. If you are using full motion recording mode, you may enable the auto pan feature to record the area outside the original area where your cursor goes. Try to run your application to see would it be OK to make the application window as the recording area. Also keep in mind that the default size of the publishing movie will be as the same as your application window by default. To make it play in a smaller player with good video quality, it is recommended to restore down the application window and do your recording. Or you can change the output dimension in the publishing dialog box. What's more, you may add the zoom objects to zoom in to emphasize the details for the resized slides.

Move the green rectangle to the application that you want to record, and snap to it, then you can start your recording.

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Record desktop screen with the custom size

If you want to record the desktop activities only happen on a specified area, you can customize the recording area before hand. Any actions like the mouse movement and keystroke on that area will be captured. Do some recording rehearsal to make sure you getting everything you want to show to happen inside that region. By checking the feature of Auto Pan in the full motion recording settings, the recording area will follow your mouse movement to move around the screen from side-to-side or up and down while retaining the same size.

Click the compass icon in the center of the highlighted recording area and drag it to a new location on the desktop.

Click and drag a handle on a corner or a side of the recording area to adjust the recording area.

Enter the numbers of width and height, and you can change the recording area. When used with the Lock Aspect Ratio option, you can resize your recording area with proper aspect ratio maintained.

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Record full desktop screen

This option is for you to capture everything that happens on your entire screen. Compare with recording of only part of desktop, it will take up more computer resource and create a bigger file. However, if there is a really high resolution monitor for full screen recording, you probably don't want to create a video file that has to be played back at the same resolution in a really big player. If possible, lower your screen resolution before you start to record your desktop. For example, if you use the screen resolution of 1026*768 or higher, you can adjust the resolution to 800*600 and do you recording. And if you want it to show in a smaller player like 640*480, you can resize the movie dimension as 80% or 60% of the original one. So you can publish the video of a smaller dimension, but it could be a little blurring. However, you can add the zoom effect to magnify the important area of your recorded desktop to show the specific details.

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To improve your computer's performance during the screen-capture session, especially if you plan to capture the entire computer screen, reducing the screen resolution (for example, you can lower your screen resolution from 1024 by 768 to 800 by 600) and color quality is a good idea. You may set your computer display properties according to the following screencast:

After learning how to record different areas of the desktop, download this screen recorder and start you desktop recording now!

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