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2014-10-08 15:48:43
Love This App by William Haney

I have had this application for quite some time but never realized I could, in addition to capturing music, I could burn the music right from within the app. How easy could it be? Very easy. Worth the money.

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2014-05-21 23:36:54
Great App. Worth it! by Manoranjan

Simple. User friendly. Lightweight. Click RECORD and forget it. When only there is audio, it records. Otherwise, stops and splits the recorded audio into tracks. Lossless record quality in MP3 (*.mp3), M4A (*.m4a); 44100Hz; 256kbps, 320kbps. Identify songs and get music Info. Tag Editing, Drag and Drop CD Burning and more. Record unlimited free music, over 500 Radio Stations, YouTube, Pandora, Yahoo Music, etc. Recommend it.

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2014-03-08 18:31:25
the answer by KGB

This is a great bit of software that I would be lost without, finding obscure music that cannot be purchased and recording it is the answer for me. Even when it can\'t identify the artist, track and album you can easily edit the information. Just brilliant, everything about it works and works well

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2014-01-16 08:41:15
It Works! by Marty

The program works as advertised, and does a great job. It would be nice to have 320 Kbps support, but I highly recommend this app.

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2013-12-11 17:36:56
Please, Please, Pah-lease Add 320kbps Support by Antonio

So far its done everything --as advertised-- without a hitch. It would be 5 stars but there is no option to really customise the outputted files - sample rate, format etc. It\'s very basic in this regard. If you could add more advanced options for file output (like in your other programs) that would be great - FIVE STARS! But please, pretty please, at the very least include an option to record at 320kbps - I\'m beggin ya! Its the only thing stopping me from recommending this to friends. Thanks.

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2013-12-10 21:11:35
Why no option for 320 kbps Mp3? by Antonio

Everything works as advertised. The program is simple to use. But I just can\'t understand why there is no option to customise recording settings. At least give us an option for 320 kbps Mp3\'s please! Your other products for ripping Mp3s from videos has the option. I sure hope this is going to be in a future update...

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2013-11-22 16:44:38
v2.0 has made me happy by Paul

I had originally posted a review here based on v1.0 (it was so so) I am happy to say that after using v2.0 for awhile, it has seem to resolve the crashing that took place when auto tag was enabled. I was able to record over 15 hours of music with audio tag enabled without issue. v1.0 could never do that... I am a happy happy person now. I like that i can also add the tracks into iTunes right from the application. My only enhancement request would be; add track numbering to the auto tag feature.

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2013-11-03 11:20:23
They fixed it by John Tutini

I was having the program shut down as the website changed \"radio stations\". With the latest revision the problem has cleared. Just excellent. Easy to use, highly recommend.

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2013-09-09 20:30:57
Excellent by Frank

It\'s really great that i can record my favorite music online. Well done.

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2013-04-01 15:54:43
Absolutely Amazing! by Chris

I just recently bought this program and i feel it is worth every penny. This program not only allows you to record audio but when it records it also adds the genre,artist,song name,album, and the album cover for iTunes when you transfer them.(at least with spotify) If you haven\'t already bought this program i HIGHLY suggest you do!

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