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How to Watch YouTube without Flash but HTLM5 Player

HTML 5, the next generation of the W3C's ubiquitous HTML standard, is still in draft stage. One of its big changes is the video tag, which aims to replace the old object tag. Currently, you need install plugins to play embedded videos. For example, YouTube requires Adobe Flash Player, while Apple website needs QuickTime Player.

But things changed from 2003 when the HTML5 draft specification was released. Since 2010, you can try to play youtube without flash (even disabled or completely removed).

Why Watch youtube without flash

Flash is widely used format to display interactive contents online. But just as Steve Jobs said, "Adobe's Flash has major technical drawbacks. ", and HTML5 is the cutting-edge technology to replace Flash. Here are some reasons why people need to play youtube without flash:

1. Play YouTube videos successfully: Not all websites support Flash. For example, Flash will not play on iOS devices, and Apple has not plan to do that.

2. Many user - mainly in Mac OS or Linux, find that Flash uses the relatively high CPU and memory usage for video playback.

3. Flash consumes about 2-3 times of energy than HTML5. This is not a good news for mobile phones.

Easy to Play youtube without flash

YouTube has not yet completely change to HTML5 so that you need some settings or tricks even your browsers support HTML5 totally. Here are two ways to watch youtube without flash.

youtube html5 player

1. Opt in HTML 5 YouTube player rather than the default Adobe Flash player. Go to with your YouTube account has logged on. Then all the YouTube videos will be played with HTML5 player. This method requires browsers that support both the video tag in HTML5 and either the h.264 video codec or the WebM format (with VP8 codec). You are lucky if you use these browsers:

 Play youtube without flash

2. Temporary solution - add &html5=True to the video URL. For instance, This way, you can watch youtube without flash in Safari on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, or iPod, as alternatives to YouTube application.

Get Ready for HTML5 Era?

Recently, YouTube has improved a lot and is ready to completely replace the Flash player. At the same time, Adobe announced to kill off development of its mobile Flash plugin and to pay more attention to the HTML5 tools development. It seems that the HTML5 era is coming.

If you are a general user, no actions should be taken on your part. Just be ready for the better multimedia experience that HTML5 will bring. But if you are a website designer or content provider, it's time to get ready to build websites HTML5 friendly, and provide HTML5 compatible multimedia contents.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate now supports WebM video output, which helps you convert all videos to HTML5 friendly formats.

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Wondershare Editor

Sep 14,2016 15:18 pm / Posted by Christine Smith to Video

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Hi there, thanks for your reminding. Already corrected.
Typo? "It seems that the HTML5 era is closing."
Maybe you can also try this free YouTube downloader, it not only enables you to download any YouTube video to your computer completely free, but also embeds a flash player to let you enjoy the video with full screen.
Yes. many videos on youtube still doesn't work without Flash player
Thank you for the tip, I love it, but it does not seem to work always... for example doesn't work for me without Flash.
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