Download YouTube Videos to Any Format, Device and Program You Want

So many people like to download YouTube videos to play offline, but there is always format incompatibility problem. How to solve this problem once and for all? You will need a powerful YouTube converter to help. Here is a great collection of YouTube converters of all kinds. There must be the one that you will like. Check them out below.

A List of Desktop YouTube Converters

#1. Wondershare AllMyTube


It is the ultimate video downloader and converter that allow you to download from about over 100 sites and watch it in different file formats. Upon downloading you can convert the video in over 150 video and audio formats to make watching and listening in different devices convenient.

Download this program here>>

#2. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter


An impressive and fast converter for extracting crisp audio from any video you have downloaded from YouTube. It can convert videos from YouTube showlists, playlists, channels and other to MP3 easily and conveniently. The converter can also help in editing audio and burn audios in CDs.

Download the program here>>

#3. Free YouTube Download


Download individual videos or a set of playlist from YouTube and convert it immediately to different formats such as WMV, MP3 and AVI with ease. Feel free to edit videos, resize images, convert it to playback for different devices and create 3D pictures with the downloader.

Download this program here>>

#4. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter


Convert any YouTube video to an MP3 format with just a click. It is a free instant downloader that converts just about any video to MP3 whenever needed. As it converts, it also filters music professionally from high quality to lower ones in order.

Download the program here>>



It is a free downloader and converter for any websites such s Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and other sites. The convert is capable of converting downloaded videos to any formats such as MP3, MPEG4 with just a single and easy step to follow.

Download this program here>>

#6. Clip Extractor


Get any video converted in any format you want in high definition or high quality from YouTube and convert it immediately in different formats such as 3GP, MOV, AVI, MP4 and MP3. These formats allows you to convert any video and watch in it different devices.

Download the program here>>

#7. YouTube Mp3 Converter


Music lovers should get this versatile converter that can be used for converting to WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, MPC, OGG, APE, MP4 and MP3. It is also known to support over 30 audio formats that are sure to provide quality audio after every conversion.

Download the program here>>

#8. YouTube to iPad Converter


User-friendly YouTube to iPad converter allows you to watch any videos from YouTube on your iPad and convert it to a format suited for your device. It lets you convert and replay any clips from videos you have downloaded with the same image and sound quality of the original video.

Download this program here>>

#9. SwitchVid Desktop Video Converter


Fast download and conversion process right on your desktop. It allows you to download and convert a maximum of 10 videos without the need for waiting too much on waiting for every single video before converting another. It supports various formats and lets you take advantage of advanced configurations.

Download this program here>>

#10. Any Video Converter Free


The fastest converter you can find in the market today, this converter allows you to convert any files in different formats you like. It is supporting over 50 formats after converting and is sure to give anyone the ease of converting videos for various mobile devices.

Download this program here>>

#11. Getflv


Download videos with minutes from different videos sites and convert just about any video into different formats suited for any of your portable devices like iPhone, iPod and more. It is also a great converting for turning any video in to FLV and post it in any website.

Download this program here>>

#12. MovieSherlock


If you want to get the native format of a movie, then this downloader/converter is for you. It downloads movies for up to 15x faster and let different videos be converted automatically to MP3 format. Has an iTunes integration for fast addition of music to your file.

Download this program here>>

#13. Free YouTube Downloader


Download whatever video you want and convert it to any quality that you would like for your mobile devices. The download process for this is offered in a fast rate for free. The time for converting will depend on the quality that you have chosen for the video

Download this program here>>

#14. YouTube to MP3 Converter


A free application for downloading just about videos you want to watch and convert it automatically for it to play on various devices such as Android, iPhone and other MP3 players. It also works in different browser, giving you the ease of downloading any videos aside from YouTube.

Download this program here>>

#15. aTube Catcher


Download whatever video you want from different video sites and export it to any of your mobile device with this application. It is supporting different formats from MP4 to 3GP and allows anyone to watch videos on any of their mobile devices.

Download this program here>>

#16. Vdownloader


Play downloaded and converted videos with your laptop or mobile device without advertisements of buffering with the use of this application. It converts just about any video you download with just a click. Has an accelerator for fast downloading process and cut any part while converting to any format.

Download this program here>>

#17. YouTube Download Manager Pro


This is the easiest, most powerful and fastest application for managing downloads. It gives you 10x faster downloading and converting speed than other applications. Save the video in its original quality or convert it to AVI or FLV files and watch the video in its best output.

Download this program here>>

#18. Applian Replay Media Catcher


Play any video or song you want and a digital copy will be downloaded on your hard disk immediately. It can converts to any format you want for more than 130 file formats and devices. Moreover, be able to record and convert any audio you want at high quality.

Download this program here>>

#19. 4Media Download YouTube Video


Lightning download speed, this is what this app can offer for free. From HD videos to any 3D videos, all of these can be downloaded with ease. It is equipped with advanced functions for converting YouTube video to any format suited just within your computer.

Download this program here>>

#20. MacX Video Converter Pro


32x faster than other converters and providing extraordinary quality of converted, recorded and edited videos. It can convert any videos to various output and input video formats for different devices and even allows you to create a photo slideshow for tablets and mobile phones.

Download this app here>>

A List of Online YouTube Converters


youtube to mp3 best converter is an online service mainly for converting YouTube to MP3 and it's very easy to use. You only need to go to its website and paste your YouTube URL to the box, then let

Go to >>


clipcoverter is an online media converter that helps you download and convert YouTube to MP3 and many other formats. And it can't be any easier to use it.

Go to to have a try>>

#3. works on Mac, Windows, Linux to convert YouTube to MP3 and other formats.

Go to to have a try>>


listen to youtube is fast, free, and requires no signup. Enter the ulr of any YouTube videos in the blank box and click Go. After that, this website will start to convert the videos to MP3 files.

Go to to have a try>>

#5. Video2MP3


Video2MP3, as an online service, converts videos from many website like YouTube and others to MP3 and it is totally free to use.

Go to to have a try>>


vidtomp3 supports many websites including YouTube, MegaVideo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, Myspace and much more. What you need to do is to paste the video url to the website.

Go to to have a try>>

#7. AudioThief 


AudioThief supports downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3 files. It also allows you to edit the tag information of the MP3 files.

Go to AudioThief to have a try>>


music-clips can convert YouTube videos to many audio formats like MP3, AAC, MP4 and much more. It is 100% free and easy to use.

Go to to have a try>>

#9. MediaHuman YouTube to MP3

mediahuman youtube to mp3

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 is ready for you to listen to YouTube or Vimeo music offline. It is very easy to use and you will like it.

Try out the MediaHuman YouTube to MP3>>

#10. Convert Files


It can convert files of a maximum of 250 MB while those larger versions are converted through another premium conversion service under ConvertFiles. This allows you to convert any files to over 330 combinations of output and input file formats. All files are kept private and secures at all times.

Go to the service>>

#11. online-convert


An online converter suited for converting one format to another. It has various converters for audio, video, document, image, archive, eBooks and hash generator. This allows any user to convert any media files faster and easier in various formats than other online converters.

Go to the service>>


convert youtube videos to mp3 is a website exclusively designed for converting YouTube videos to MP3 and you can easily understand how to use it once you enter the website.

Go to >>


youtube to mp3 online converter is a more complicated online YouTube to MP3 converter. It records the YouTube videos to MP3 files so that you can play on your portable devices.

Go to to have a try>>

#14. Anything3mp3


It works in most f the popular video sites and converts any video easily. The process is simple, you just have to copy the link of the video you want, convert it, wait for several minutes until conversion is done and download it after. Simple as 123!

Go to the service>>

#15. YouTube2file


This online service allows you to convert any videos from various video sites online to various formats such as 3GP, f4V, MP3, WEBM and MP4. It does not use its service for downloading materials with copyrights and just gives users the ease of converting any videos they want in MP3.

Go to the service>>



It does not only convert basic MP4 or WMV formats to MP3 but even supports conversion of other formats such as FLV to MP3. The process for conversion is also simple, as you follow the instructions, you are sure to convert the video after several minutes and download it after.

Go to the service>>



No software to download! This converter only requires you to follow 4 simple files for converting. You just choose the file to be converted, choose the format, put your email address where you will get your converted file and click “convert”. Its use is very easy and convenient.

Go to the service>>

#18. Convert2mp3


Fast, easy and legal download and conversion process, these are what has to offer you. Just choose the video you want from any video sites, copy the URL, paste it on the conversion boc and choose the format you want. After conversion, you can now download it for free.

Go to the service>>

#19. KeepVid


Download any streaming videos you want with ease as you choose this online downloader/ converter. For faster downloading and converting process, drag the button seen on the site and click Keep It! button whenever watching any video and it will be downloaded and converted easily for you.

Go to the service>>

#20. Ixconverter


Get the chance to use a free video converter and turn any videos you download from various supported video sites to almost any formats you can think of. You are to choose on the quality of the videos you want to be converted and download it for your device.

Go to the service>>

#21. Wincreator


Download videos directly from YouTube or convert it first before downloading with the use of You can choose to download the entire MP3 file or have it cut to get a ringtone for your phone. Processes are simple, follow it and have fun with the converter.

Go to the service>>

#22. Tubezen


Get to download any video you want in the file that you need for free. The online converter supports different formats such as WMV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MP3 and more all in high definition or high quality videos. After converting, download the file and play it on your device.

#23. Modifyvideo


Quick and easy conversion, these are what this online converter does. You just have to paste the URL of the video, choose the device that you are converting the file for, click the convert and download button and your are all set to watch the video on your device.

Go to the service>>

A List of YouTube Converter Plugin

#1. YouTube to MP3 (Firefox Plugin)


Convert YouTube videos to mp3 faster. This state of the art converter has the capability to convert video to mp3 without compromising the quality of sound. This can convert videos from YouTube, Clipfish, MyVideo, Sevenload, Dailymotion and Myspace Videos. Download this adds on now and experience a simple and user friendly yet powerful tool bar you have never encountered before. This supports Firefoox 6.

Download the plugin>>

#2. Youtube Video and Audio Downloader


Those who are looking for an open source project, downstreaming videos from Youtube, then Youtube Video and Audio Downloader might be the right tool. It comes with essential features such as Java library that take out the original audio data of FLV videos.

Download the plugin>>

#3. Clipconverter Browser Addon


The new ClipConverter Browser Add On puts in a key on the pages of YouTube in order to convert and downstream videos instantly. This allows users to utilize this converter fast and efficiently. Browser is required in order to setup this advanced converter.

Download the plugin>>

#4. YouTube Converter


YouTube converter provides user the chance to convert and downstream YouTube videos with easy and fast. This state of the art converter supported YouTube old and new design portals. You can download it now and take advantage this simple and easy to use add on.

Download the plugin>>

#5. Youtube to MP3 Converter


The new YouTube to Mp3 converter add Mp3 it key on pages of YouTube videos to instantly download and convert YouTube videos with ease. In just single click the new tab loads with no disruption of the viewing experience. With this converter you can downstream the converted Mp3 file.

Download the plugin>>

#6. YouTube to MP3 Free Converter


YouTube to MP3 Free Converter allows users to convert videos from YouTube to Mp3 without affecting the quality of the audio. This state of the art add on puts in a download key on the YouTube video pages to allow you download and convert the video faster.

Download the plugin>>

#7. Simple YouTube to MP3/MP4 Converter


With Simple YouTube to MP3/MP4 Converter user can convert their most loved YouTube videos and downstream them as high quality Mp3 files fast and easy and without any issues. This converter ass mirrors on a daily basis so as to lessen any downtime.

Download the plugin>>

#8. Youtube playlist converter to MP3


With Youtube playlist converter to MP3, you can now convert YouTube videos to mp3 keeping the quality of the audio straight from YouTube instantly. This will also allow user to download their favourite playlists. It is very easy to use and convert file with ease.

Download the plugin>>

#9. Easy YouTube to MP3 Converter


Easy YouTube to MP3 Converter allows you to convert YouTube videos of Mp3 format fast and easy. With this new converter you can now easily download your favourite music in just a matter of seconds. This converter is easy to use as well.

Download the plugin>>

#10. Youtube Downloader & Converter MP3


By means of this converter you can now download and convert your favourite playlists with ease. This converter allows you to convert your videos to mp3 format in just one click of a button in order to listen to your favourite music instantly.

Download the plugin>>

#11. Media Converter


Today there are lots of video converters available, but media converter stands up from rest because of its essential features. This assist you to download and convert YouTube videos in to any format you want. This converter supports various website such as,, livevideo, myvideo, veoh and many more.

Download the plugin>>


convert2mp3-net is the latest entry when it comes to converting videos from YouTube, Livevideo, dailymotion, Vevo, Clipfish and many more. Through this converter downloading and converting videos and translate it into any format is easier. All you need to do is to copy the URL and strike download key and there you have it.

Download the plugin>>

#13. Complete YouTube Saver


With this converter you can download videos from YouTube and other supporting sites in different formats such as Dash formats. This allows you to convert music tract from YouTube videos to WAV or Mp3 and save track into various file.

Download the plugin>>

#14. YouTube MP3 Downloadhelper


With this state of the art addon, you can download videos from YouTube, Vevo, Livevideo, Myvideo, Myspace fast. YouTube Mp3 Downloadhelper also allows you to convert this video into WAV or Pm3 format in just a matter of second. With this, you can now listen to your favourite music without any concern.

Download the plugin>>

#15. FVD Downloader


FVD Downloader is a free media conversion app online that allows user to download and convert YouTube videos to various format such as AAC, Mp3, Mp4, 3Gp and many more. This downloader supports various videos websites not only YouTube. This is an easy to use downloader.

Download the plugin>>

#16. Anything2MP3 Converter and Downloader


This addon for Google Chrome is planned for downloading and converting videos from many popular resources such as YouTube, livevideo, Myvideo and so much more. Anything2MP3 Converter and Downloader is an easy to use add on and allows you listen to the file instantly.

#17. Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express


Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express is the only add on for Google Chrome that has 1080 Full High Definition as well as 192kbps Mp3 links and 100 percent clean add on available today. It allows you to download and convert fast and in easy and chooses any format you want.

Download the plugin>>

#18. 1-Click YouTube Video Download


1-click youtube video downloader allows is the simplest video downloader for all video websites. This also allows you to download and convert videos fast without affecting the quality of the video. It supports various formats such as Mp4, FLV, 3Gp and WebM.

Download the plugin>>

#19. Download YouTube Videos as MP4


Download YouTube Videos as MP4 is extension which add links to downstream videos as FLV and Mp4. This comes with easy to navigate interface and download files from YouTube fast and easy. It also integrates with pages of YouTube and puts in download key for easy and fast download.

Download the plugin>>

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