How To Record Videos on Chromebook Screen

The Chromebook has been successful to managed appeal users in a good way. With its focus on applications and an interface that amplifies the brilliance of a peripheral device, more and more users are now moving to the Chromebook. As a traditional laptop user myself, I have been waiting for long to get my share of Chromebook, and today, finally got a taste of it. Therefore, in the following article, I am going to address the question of Chromebook Screen Recorder. As I signed up on a few forums related to Chromebook, I learned that more and more users were looking for a screen recorder for Chromebook. Now, he next question that arises is why do we need a separate screen recorder for Chromebook? Well, what separates it from our conventional laptops is that it is more focused on applications. Therefore, the usual options to record screen aren’t always feasible enough. As a user, you are required to look for something different when it comes to choosing a screen recorder for Chromebook.

Let us now look at the multiple solutions that can help our users when searching for a Chromebook Screen Recorder; 

Part 1: The 3 Best Chromebook Screen Recorder Applications:

Before we move on to Wondershare’s AllMyTube screen recorder for Chromebook, let us highlight the alternate three best Chromebook Screen Recorder programs for you to choose from. Please note that the best screen recorders for laptops can come in handy in the case of Chromebook too. However, Google+ offers users the freedom to record videos in Hangout with ease. Alongside, there are some browser extensions too for users to record their web activity. However, what if you want a screen recorder for Chromebook to capture your gaming action?

1) Snagit: If we are discussing screen recorder for Chromebook, it’s hard to miss out on the premium version of Snagit. While users on a tight budget can go for the trial version that can get them through some basic tweaks, we recommend a complete premium version if you wish to go all guns blazing. Please note that the software program is worth the heavy swipe of your credit card as it gets the job done efficiently.

Key Features:

a) Create custom images and videos for your videos;

b) In-built editing tool for enhancing images;

c) Select a section of the screen to record;

d) Single installation key works on two devices;

e) Integrated social media sharing for videos;

2) Rylstim Screen Recorder: Chromebook is all about portability, and therefore, it helps to have a Chromebook screen recorder that comes with the option of portability and doesn’t give users a lot do except installing. Therefore, we recommend our users the Rylstim Screen Recorder that doesn’t require the users to do much when it comes to configuration settings. If you are looking for a screen recorder that gets the job done with ease, this is what you need.

Key Features:

a) Users only have to configure codec, frame rate, and location;

b) Select areas of the screen you wish to record;

c) Options to add subtitle available, easy interface;

d) Available for free download;

e) Comes with a portable version to help Chromebook Users;

3) Screencastify Screen Recorder: While this screen recorder for Chromebook has appealed quite a few users, as a standalone application too, it has managed to garner quite a few fans with ease. For the ones who are looking for the amalgamation of basic and advanced features with the ease of screen recording, Screencastify Screen Recorder is all you need. Lately, it has been helpful with many Chromebook users as well.

Key Features:

a) Can also record audio;

b) Helpful for users looking to create tutorials;

c) Videos recorded as webm files;

d) Integrated Social Media Sharing available;

e) Professionals can configure keyboard shortcuts;

So, here are the three best screen recorder for Chromebook users, and in the next section, we shall look at Wondershare’s AllMyTube as an emerging alternative for the users looking to capture the brilliance on their screens.

Part 2: Wondershare’s AllMyTube as a Chromebook Screen Recorder:

As we discussed above, the Operating System of a Chromebook puts things into a different perspective when it comes to screen recorder applications. What may have worked with a conventional laptop may not be functional with the Chromebook, and therefore, we recommend our users Wondershare’s AllMyTube which comes with the feasibility to download videos from over 10,000 websites. Therefore, if you love to browse around the internet, Wondershare’s AllMyTube has all the features for you packed into a single screen recorder. Alongside, unlike the other screen recorder programs, users have the option to convert the recorded videos into multiple formats according to their device choice. While recording videos with Wondershare’s AllMyTube is an easy job, it does open up quite a few options for the users to choose from when it comes to screen recording, especially in terms of video libraries, multiple formats, social media sharing, and so on.

Coming to main question; how can user record videos with Wondershare’s AllMyTube?

Here are the steps:

1) Start by opening the screen you wish to record. This could be a digital file, some video, or a website. In our case, we are trying to record from one of the Hollywood flicks for our screen recorder for Chromebook. You can keep the process ready in the background and then start the desktop video recorder as it has a window that allows you to make changes to your process with the application being minimized.

2) Open the Screen Recorder for Chromebook from the menu, and you would find a menu appearing over your screen with a few buttons. In the top-left corner of the screen recorder interface, you shall find the recorder button. Click on that and within 3 seconds, your recording shall begin. There are other buttons too alongside it; one of them is stop the recording. Once you have initiated the record process, you’ll get a message on your screen that says ‘Press Escape to stop the video recording’. Therefore, whenever you wish to stop the video recording, all you have to is press Escape and the job would be done.

3) Record as per your requirement. Please note that the trial version we are using has a limit on how much we can record in a single go. If you are looking for more options regarding the screen recording process, check out the options in the top row. There is also the option to set the limit for your recording. Therefore, if you are looking to be cautious with time while using your desktop video recorder, you can surely exercise that option.

4) Once you are done, click on Escape, and the recording will stop. The screen recorder for Chromebook would redirect you to the library where a video would have been saved of the recording. The library is particularly helpful as it stores all the previous videos you have made with the desktop video recorder. To record another desktop video, simply minimize the library, access the process you wish to record and start the recorder.

5) From here, you have the option to convert the video in the format you choose to. The interface includes quite a few devices that you can convert your video for. For the ones who want their video to be compatible with various peripheral devices, you can choose the Smartphone of your choice.

6) Simply tap the video if you wish to view it.

Wondershare’s AllMyTube should help users to record their videos with ease. What separates Chromebook from the other laptops and desktop systems is that it is solely based on application interface and therefore requires a different perspective when it comes to Chromebook Screen Recorder. With the option to download from over 10,000 websites, users can choose the games or interfaces they wish to record. We recommend you a trip through our forums to learn about Chromebook Screen Recorder application programs and also drop in your experience relevant to Wondershare’s AllMyTube.

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