The top 10 basketball movies of all time:

When it comes to enjoying some of the best basketball movies in the world the list of sports movies is very long. Here are some of the top 10 basketball movies that have ever been made so that you can enjoy some great moments in sports history:

Space Jam:

Space Jam is one of the most loved Basketball movies of all time. With the amazing Micheal Jordan, Bill Murray and the Looney toons this is a classic film period. While lovers of basketball as well as lovers of film both swoon over Space Jam, it is no wonder that so many people love this great film. If you have not seen this, it should be at the top of your basketball list.

Space Jam

He got game:

He got game is another classic film that came out in the year 1998. The film showcases Denzel Washington mentoring Ray Allen in a movie about what it is like to be involved in highschool sports with high stakes. Washington plays a concerned father and mentor that tries to get his son to commit to the sport so that he can avoid prison.

He got game


Hoosiers is still one of the most famous basketball movies of all time. In this high school sports movie, Gene Hackman turns a team around with his coaching skills. This is a movie all about practicing to win and how underdogs can overcome overwhelming odds to learn how to paly some fine basketball.


Blue Chips:

Blue Chips is a story about Nick Nolte who is a college basketball coach. Nolte is joined by Shaq and Penny Hardaway as players in this game. The idea of this story has Nolte taking over as a coach in a flawed program who faces immense pressures to showcase some of his top prospects for their future NBA careers.

Blue Chips

Coach carter:

Coach carter takes place in Indiana and it follows Samuel L Jackson, a coach that is willing to take on anything to ensure the success of his players. Although his team does have various problems along the way, and Jackson pushes them to succeed, this is yet another underdog story that showcases hard work for success. This film was actually based on a true story as well and it chronicles the tale of the 1998-1998 Richmond Oilers basketball team.

 Coach carter

Finding Forrester:

Finding Forrester isn’t primarily about basketball but it certainly has its fair share of the sport in it. The idea of this film is all about a New York Basketball star and hidden Genius who becomes friends with a novelist. The two produce a beautiful relationship. When the basketball star receives a full ride scholarship to an Ivey league school he feels as though he has done this on his merits alone, This could not be further from the truth as it seems that they are just interested in bolstering their basketball program.

 Finding Forrester

Glory Road:

Glory Road is a film that chronicles the story of Don Haskins who was a coach that lead the Utep team to a national basketball championship in 1965-1966. Haskins is played by Josh Lucas who masterfully portrays the adversity and struggle that this team faced as they tried to change the face of the game forever. This is a story about where the game of basketball at a college level began to focus purely on skill rather than racial barriers.

Glory Road

Above the rim:

Above the rim is a film that was created in 1994 and it details the obstacles faced by a high school player attempting to navigate the streets of New York. Tupac Shakur plays Juice the main character as he navigates high school, his talent for basketball, getting along with girls and the temptation of dealing drugs.

Above the rim

White man can’t jump:

White Man Can’t jump is a story all about street basketball. This is the kind of basketball movie that will leave you right on the edge of your seat. The story features Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, two street ballers who play pickup games for money to live. Every single game in this film is exciting and this 1992 film is an amazing title about street basketball.

White man can’t jump

Teen wolf:

Teen wolf is a cult classic that stars Michael J Fox. This film just goes to show that not every Werewolf is the same. In this high school story, Fox just goes to show that even if you are misunderstood you can have some hidden talents that can wow people. Teen wolf is a cult classic with some zany basketball scenes. Check out this 1985 selection for a less serious basketball film.

Teen wolf

Any of these top 10 basketball films are perfect for your next movie night!

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