The Best Soccer Tricks Videos You Must See

Soccer is a great game that is meant to be enjoyed by both males and females. It requires speed, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and of course a killer set of soccer skills. The best soccer players always have these in their artillery which is why they are undefeatable. Whether you are playing professionally or just recreationally you can use all these to boost your game play and beat your opponents before they beat you!

Part 1:Most Popular Soccer Tricks

There are many soccer tricks available that you can utilize to spruce up your skill and become a better player. Here are a few that are the most popular:

  • Fake pullback
  • The fake pullback is an effective way to fool your opponent into thinking he or she knows where the ball is going. All you do is pretend to pull the ball back, but instead of doing that you accelerate past your opponent instead!

  • High flick move
  • This skill is one of the most famous skills in soccer and one that Neymar uses quite frequently. When dribbling and an opponent come for you, all you do is flick the ball over him or her instead of dribbling further. This is a great way to get past your opponent if you have no support from your team.

  • Fake shot
  • The fake shot should be used by everyone! It is very effective, but you have to make sure that you do not make it look fake. Sell it properly! Pretend like you are going for a shot, but instead of doing that, keep the ball in play and dribble it past your opponent.

Part 2:Best Soccer Tricks Videos

There are many videos online that you can use in order to improve your game. They are widely available on the internet and the best part is that they free. Here are a few videos that you can watch in order to get the gist of how to play these tricks during a game. Remember that you can only watch them so many times! You need to go out and practice them as best you can in order to master the skill.

  • Soccer Tricks – Top 5 Soccer tricks to learn fast: this video is found on YouTube at It is hosted and produced by one of the most famous online soccer coaches in the world – Dylan Tooby. In this video he shows the viewer what he teaches his team and how effectively anyone can perform these tricks with just a few minutes of practice a day. He places importance on ball skills instead of just focussing on fitness.
  • Soccer/Football Juggling Tutorial – The Basics: one of the most important skills any football player can use is juggling. This is emphasised in the Soccer Reviews For You video found on YouTube by following this link: Find out how easy juggling can be if you are introduced to it properly.
  • Soccer Tricks and Skills – Street Soccer Tricks: this video shows how some of the best street soccer players like Sean Garnier boasts with his skills. He shows how professional something like street soccer can be if it performed properly and how easy it can be if it practiced properly. Find it here:
  • Soccer Tricks and Skills –Freestyle Tricks: soccer is not only limited to the professional field and a lot of players figure out their style by playing around on their own. In this video many soccer players around the world show how they kick it freestyle on buildings, monuments, and in their backyards. Check it out:
  • Soccer Tricks and Skills – Field Tricks: Ball skills is not the only aspect that you should focus on when practicing soccer, but you should also pay attention to field tricks. This video shows how professional players emphasise the importance of field tricks and how it can be utilized during the match. Find out all you need to know here:

Part 3:Best websites you can learn soccer tricks

There are many websites where you can learn soccer tricks for all ages of genders. Here are our favourites:

  • SoccerMan: SoccerMan is a website that focuses on the more traditional roles of soccer which is also very important for players to keep in mind when playing the game. It instils a sense of discipline in those who play and enjoy the game. The great thing about this website is that their clips are fairly short which makes it easy for you to follow them over and over again.
  • Online Soccer Academy: The Online Soccer Academy is your number one online academy when it comes to playing or learning soccer tricks. Watch the videos as many times as you want and sign up to receive amazing news, tips, and offers from the people who run it. It is absolutely free and open to anyone who shows interest.
  • Soccer Tricks and Skills: This website is perfect for those who want to join a community of players who are passionate about soccer. They update their website regularly with content that is modern and sometimes astounding. Get the latest soccer news on their website and take part in their poll to see if others share the same views as you while you learn amazing skills!

Part 4:How to Watch Soccer Tricks on TV or Any Other Device

Watching soccer tricks online has never been this easy with all the technology that we have today. Here are the basic steps that you can follow in order to watch your favourite videos on almost any device:

  • Step1: Find the best software to convert or download the video to your desktop. The best one that we can recommend is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.
  • Step2: Copy the URL of the soccer tricks videos and paste it to the download of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.
  • Step3: Select output device or output format and click OK.
  • Step4: Wireless transfer to your portable device or directly stream to your TV by following the guide on the software.

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