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Home Movie Ideas - Tips for Making Home Movies

Child is cute, child is adorable. They make faces; they bring so much fun and joy to the family. Shoot a video and make a home movie for your kid as a keepsake that is "hard to buy" with the best movie making software will be a good home movie idea. However, the kids are usually lively and even naughty. So, how can you shoot a satisfied kid video for home movie making with ease and fun? Here are some home video ideas for video shooting and home movie making. After the videos have been shot, use the best movie making software  to enhance videos and create high quality DVD with digital photos and music.

Home Video Ideas and Tips

Home Video Idea 1 : Magic Tricks

The kids are always full of curiosity or scare. Do whatever that can to make them hold a frame and sit before the camcorder, then press the Record button and pause. Then it's the kid's show. Resume recording. When you play back the video, the first kid shows up in the frame and then immediately changes to another kid, usually with a fade transition effect. The kids will be interested in this magic tricks, and giggles a lot. This home movie idea turns out to be more helpful when you make the kid change to a pet, say cat or puppy. Make sure the camcorder and the frame keep their original place. A tripod and remote control may do you a favor.

Home Video Idea 2 : "Climbing Mountain"

This home video idea needs you to lower the camcorder and make it vertical to the ground. Let the kid scrawl on the ground. Due to the angle, when you play back the video normally, the kid seems to be climbing the "mountain". It's recommended that you merge a real green or snowcapped mountain to be more realistic.

Home Video Idea 3: Barbecue Home Video Idea

The barbecue time is very suitable for home video shooting. It's the happy family gathering time that the kid would like. Besides, you can bring a hotdog together with you and record video when the kid pursues you for the hotdog.

Home Video Idea4 : Camcorder Game

If your children are old enough, give them the camcorder and let them find specific object with the viewfinder alone. You can even start a game, who finds the target first, who wins and receives the medal and congratulations from the other.

Home Video Idea 5: Record Skits

Nowadays, children usually have favorite cartoon film or television. Why not let them play the favorite episode, speak the famous dialogue, pose the cute action or even have an improvisations show? When they play back their shows, they will have loads of fun, get full confidence, and even love home video shooting. You passion on home movie making will pass naturally to them. And most of all, All your family members will enjoy themselves. Have a try and make a fabulous home movie for lifetime memories.

Movie Making Tips for Better Home Movie DVD

Movie Making Tip 1: Make Music Home Movie

Background music is very crucial for a video and home movie. It generally sets the mood of a home video. While making a home movie, select a suitable music and set it as your home movie background music. If you could not find background music, see baby slideshow songs suggestions >>

Movie Making Tip 2: Concentrate on Your Home Movie

People usually shoot a bunch of footage to use as starter material. It's right but there are many boring footage among them. Boil down the video and combine the most interesting part into a home movie with distinct subject and less boredom. This is especially useful for a home movie of summer vacation. See some home movie samples to get inspired >>

Movie Making Tip 3: Add Narration to Your Home Video

Have you ever thought to merge some narrations to your home movie? Add old narration to newest video or add new narration to old video are both OK. The narration is a good manner to record a real history of a family member. For example, when your grandpa is watching and reminiscing about a memoir, you'd better record the narration because you would treasure this memory forever.

Movie Making Tip 4: Record Memorable History

For many people, history is the most precious. If you think so, you may record the history every month or years. It's simple with your camcorder. Just place the camcorder on your tripod, take a seat on your chair and press the Record button. Introduce the events in the year; introduce what happened to yourself or anything about the people, the great moment and the particular actions. It could also be like an interview with someone asking questions. The home videos record the exact history.

Movie Making Tip 5: Make a Juicy Home Movie

Besides the background music, you could also add to home movie the digital photos, the titles about the home movie, like video shooting location, time, actors, etc., and anything you like. Combine all of these into a juicy home movie. .

Movie Making Tip 6: Home Video Lighting

Light it up when the object is in dark. Never shoot a home video too much dark to make home movie, because it just wastes your tape or memory and your precious time. Try to find ambient source of light, like lamps, overhead lights or even candles. If you often shoot home videos in weak light, consider buying an on-camera light. It will greatly help shooting a good home video for DVD movie making.

Movie Making Tip 7: Don't Overuse Zoom

People like to constantly press the zoom button on their camera, especially the beginners. They think it's cool. But actually for home movie making, zooming is generally not necessary. We can't say never zoom, but only zoom in or zoom out when necessary.

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