Top 50 Telugu Folk Songs Free Download

Telugu folk songs or ballads boasts of rich folk tradition, are well known as Jaanapada geethaalu.These songs are regarded as the backbone in Andhra Pradesh.

Part 1: Top 50 Telugu Folk Songs Free Download (1-10)

  1. Saroja Nee Paluke | Janapadalu HD
  2. Yediki Pilla Singari Rajitha Song - Mastu Mastu Pilla
  3. Kondakondallo | Janapadalu
  4. Yadike Pilla Rajitha | Janapadalu
  5. Ghallu Ghallu Gajjela | Janapadalu
  6. Gaali Gaali Tirigetodu - Janapadalu
  7. Gulabi Buggala Cheera Katti - Janapadalu
  8. Janapadlu - Vayyari Maradala
  9. Balamani Balamani  Janapada Geethalu
  10. Banthiya poosindi/Bathukamma song

Part 2: Top 50 Telugu Folk Songs Free Download (11-20)

  1. Muddula Gumma Bathukamma Song By MP. Kavitha
  2. Chikkudu Vakitlo Uyyalo (Bathukamma song)
  3. Chikkudu Vakitlo Uyyalo (Bathukamma song)
  4. Chittu chittula bomma Shivuni muddula gumma /Bathukamma song
  5. Eemeemi Poovappunee Gowramma Bathukamma Paatalu Telugu lyrics
  6. Gobbiyallo Gobbiyallo-Gobbi/Sankranthi paatalu
  7. Gummadi pooche gummadi kaache-Gobbi-Sankranthi paatalu
  8. Kalavaari Koodaalu Bathukamma Paata  telugu lyrics
  9. Katta Meedi Maisamma Uyyalo (Bathukamma Song) Telugu lyrics
  10. Talli Naa Palle Nela - Telanagana Folk Songs

Part 3: Top 50 Telugu Folk Songs Free Download (21-30)

  1. Evaro Ee Baludu - Telanagana Folk Songs
  2. Chittu Bathukamma Song  Telangana Folk Songs  Janapada Patalu  Telugu Folk Songs
  3. Sasu Song Telangana Folk Songs  Janapada Patalu
  4. VadhuVadhu Nakodhu  Telangana Folk Songs
  5. Malle chettu kinda Telangana Folk Songs
  6. Talli Naa Palle Nela - Telanagana Folk Songs
  7. Gal gal sappulla gajulu  Telangana Folk Songs
  8. Sirulunna Pallelunnayammaa - Telangana Folk Songs
  9. Okkokka Biyyapu ginja-gobbi/Sankranthi paatalu
  10. Telugu folk song Atta o atta

Part 4: Top 50 Telugu Folk Songs Free Download (31-40)

  1. elangana Paata: Esha Nagula katta: Folk Dance Song
  2. Bathukamma Song by ranirudrama
  3. Mayadari Maisamma Song Telangana Folk Songs
  4. Gaddar Song on Hyderabad Telangana Folk Songs
  5. Gal Gal Sappulla Gajulu Thestane Telangana Folk Songs
  6. Bayilo Bachali Kura  Popular Telangana Folk Songs
  7. Labbari Bomma Singer devayya Telugu Janapada  Telangana Folk Songs
  8. College Kannepilla| Singer Devayya Telugu Janapada  Telangana Folk Songs
  9. Attho oo attha Singer ramadevi,anil  Telugu Janapada  Telangana Folk Songs
  10. Janapada Songs Telugu Telangana Folk Songs Janapada Geethalu Telugu

Part 5: Top 50 Telugu Folk Songs Free Download (41-50)

  1. Aakutella Dandayatrato - Vimalakka Songs
  2. Veera Kishora Veera Kishora - Vimalakka Songs
  3. Nageti Sallallo Nala - Nirmala Songs Telangana Folk Songs New
  4. Chalo Chalo Kalinganagar - pothana Telangana Folk Songs New
  5. Sudasakkani Nandigram - Venkanna Songs  Telangana Folk Songs New
  6. Sudasakkani Nandigram - Venkanna Songs Telangana Folk Songs New
  7. Pacha Pachani Pantala - Malsur SongsTelangana Folk Songs New
  8. Lalgad Nuvvu Sallanga - Singer Naganna Telangana Folk Songs New
  9. Arunodaya songs Telangana Folk Songs
  10. Vimalakka Telangana Folk Songs Telugu

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