Top 50 Muslim Songs Free Download

These songs are a way to dedicate the music and the time that you are spending listening to them to Allah. All of these songs praise him and tell everyone what good he has done for all of them and are perfect for the special days. These Muslim songs can be listened to at any time of the day, especially right before or after the prayers to keep you in the spiritual mind frame. These songs are extremely spiritual and don't talk about anything bad, but instead praise everything, including the world and the people in it.

Part 1: Top 50 Muslim Songs Free Download (1-10)

  1. Law Kana Bainana – Abdul Rahman Mohammed
  2. Ohibbuka Rabbee – Maher Zain
  3. Solatuwassalam – Raihan
  4. Waiting for the Call – Irfan Makki
  5. Al-Burdah – Mesut Kurtis
  6. Mountains of Makkah – Zain Bhikha
  7. Al-Muallim – Sami Yusuf
  8. Dia Muhammad – Inteam
  9. Keep Me True Humood – Al Khudher
  10. Rahmanur Rahim – Nazeel Azami

Part 2: Top 50 Muslim Songs Free Download (11-20)

  1. Malak Ghair Allah – Mohammad Al Haddad
  2. He is One – Hamza Robertson
  3. Ahmad Ya Habibi – Rabbani
  4. Sehr El-Dunya - Hamza Namira
  5. Jumu'ah - Raef
  6. Ya Nabi Salam A'laika [Arabic Version] - Maher Zain
  7. Allahu (Heart Touching Nasheed)
  8. Ana Maly Fiash- Abdel Salam Al Hassani
  9. Forgive Me – Ahmed Bukhatir
  10. Mountains of Makkah – Zain Bhikha

Part 3: Top 50 Muslim Songs Free Download (21-30)

  1. Allah is Calling You – Nasheed
  2. Thank You Allah – Nasheed
  3. Bismillah – Nasheed
  4. For The Rest of My Life – Maher Zain
  5. Insha Allah – Maher Zain
  6. The Chosen One – Maher Zain
  7. Tala 'Al-Badru 'Alyana
  8. A Whisper of Peace – Dawud W Ali
  9. Animals Love to Hear Qur'an – Dawud Wharnsby
  10. Here We Come Allah – Dawud Wharnsby

Part 4: Top 50 Muslim Songs Free Download (31-40)

  1. Allaah's Fate – Nasheed
  2. Put Your Trust in Allah – Nouman Ali Khan
  3. Decide Which Now, Do Not Delay – Ahmed Bukhatir
  4. Hasbi Rabbi – Sami Yusuf
  5. Allah Humma Salle Ala – Sami Yusuf
  6. I am a Muslim – Yusuf Islam
  7. Give Thanks to Allah – Zain Bhikha
  8. My Mum is Amazing – Zaiin Bhikha
  9. Ya Taiba
  10. My Mother - Rashid Bhikha &Yusuf Islam

Part 5: Top 50 Muslim Songs Free Download (41-50)

  1. Madine Jaan Waliyo - Shaukat Ali & Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  2. Dhol Makhna - Shaukat Ali & Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  3. Noha - Shaukat Ali & Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  4. Eek Pal Chaen - Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  5. Ja Ma Rowain - Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  6. Ali Sozo Salaam - Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  7. Yaad Karta Hu - Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  8. Sajna Vichora – Muhsin Shaukat Ali
  9. Subh Ki Fiza Ali – Muhson Shaukat Ali
  10. Na Maar Naina De Teer – Muhson Shaukat Ali

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