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You may find it's hard to record screen activity and at the same time add sound. But now with DemoCreator - a powerful yet simple screen recorder program, you can easily create a narration-based screencast with ease. Here we will learn how to use DemoCreator's advanced audio capabilities to add and edit audio in your screencasting movies.

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This screen recorder provides 3 methods to add the audio to the screen recordings. Choose a method you like:

Method 1: Record audio at capture time

Record the screen activity and sound at the same time.

Launch DemoCreator and select the recording area and recording mode, before you start recording screen activity, you can also do the audio settings to record narration for your video demo.

There are 3 audio sources to choose: Microphone, Stereo Mix, and Rear Input. Select Microphone as the audio recording device if you want to record what you say; if you want to record what you hear from the computer or speaker, you may select PC speaker as the recording source; if you want to record screen audio from some other resource, connect the audio device with the Rear Input port and set the audio recording option as Rear Input.

record screen activity

By clicking on the Microphone icon, you can go to test the audio recording device to check out that it works or not.

record screenshot

For microphone: Speak to the microphone and you will see the audio sensitivity level if the recording device works.

For PC speaker: Play a piece of music on your computer and you will see the audio sensitivity level if the recording device works.

If there is no problem with the recording device, click Record button and start your recording.

Note: Most screen recorders enable users to record the computer screen activity with audio. However, the sync of the audio and video is really a big problem. As the video and audio tracks are not separate from each other, cropping a video clip in the timeline also means chopping off your narration along with it. That would not be what you want. Or if your recorded screencast is fine, but there is something wrong with your narration, you have to restart your narration and record screenshots until you got it right. So, the feature of recording the narration after screen recording can be an effective solution to make compelling screencast.

Method 2: Record audio at preview time

If you are not satisfied or you need to make some changes with the audio you have recorded along with your screencast, you can rerecord the audio while previewing the recorded screencast in the built-in audio editor.

Click the Audio button and you can go to the audio editor.

record screen audio

Before your audio recording, you can click the Settings icon to select and test the audio device.

Select the segment of the slides you want to record narration to, and click on the Record button at the bottom of Audio Editor and you can start your audio recording. To make your narration sync with the movie, you can view the recorded movie synchronously and do the sound recording.

recording screen activity

When it is over, press the Stop button.

Click the Play button to view the recorded movie with audio. Further more, you can modify the narration with editing tools(like delete and insert silence) on the audio editor.

Method 3: Import audio file with audio editor

Besides the two methods mentioned above, you can import audio file to the screen recording as background music.

Back to the audio editor, there is an Import button for you to add the wanted music file from you local disk.

When the recording is over, you can find the audio file of MP3 format in the project folder.

So, just create your voice-over narration screencast with DemoCreator!

Download Win Version

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You can also try streaming audio recorder which record anything as you said.
I like Acethinker Free Screen Recorder, which could record webcam video,desktop video and upload the video to youtube freely. It could record the video as long as you wish. Not like the other screen recorder, which just let you record one minute or with large watermark on the video.
thank you very much .......I could only find crap on the web and wasted my time until I saw this article .....thank you very much again........
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