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2014-08-11 15:08:52
Awesome program! by Mike

Does exactly what it says it does! The only downside is I've had it crash once or twice but overall amazing. Did the free-trial and then purchased after 2 days of using it because it is a great piece of software.

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2014-07-21 16:27:52
After the 1 week free trial I could't get rid of it by Gaia

After the 1 week free trial I could't get rid of it and I decided to buy it It's very easy to use and has a good sound quality

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2014-07-16 12:09:52
Can't quite make it excellent, but it is a good product by Jim Moffat

I have Windows 8.1. I don't know if that makes any difference, Three caveats if you use the product (1) With Windows 8.1, it requires that you run it with elevated privilege, so you get the UAC Window every time you start it. (2) After you enable the UAC, it still takes a while to start up. I'd say 15-20 seconds or longer before you see the app actually running (3) In Windows 8.1, when the app closes, it modifies your Windows theme. I have changed my sound scheme, and when I close it, I have to go select my theme again. it does not keep the Windows sound scheme Now, that being said, the product does work well. I was looking for a recorder that was reliable and was not going to introduce malware. And I was willing to pay for that. The record works well, and I love the fact that it automatically IDs the song.It's worth the price for no other reason that it is reliable and that it won't introduce any malware..

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2014-05-06 13:39:26
Perfect by Ritt

I have a bunch of tracks where the name was screwed up. I just use this and it automatically pulls the info to correct the track name. Only thing I would like, is if you had the option to choose what format it saved your title. Currently mine just does song_artist. I would like to do artist_song, etc. Definitely worth the money, I would pay more for this program than they are charging. You can record music off of Spotify, and Pandora easily, and its pretty accurate on the song naming unless the artist is somewhat obscure you might run into some, but very little issues.

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2014-04-10 23:50:57
Best way to Capture Music for you Money. by Gary E. Steiger

For $19.00 this Simple, way too easy to use audio Recording Software is tops. I can record Streaming music from Spotify, Pandora or whatever music site I choose. The software will filter out commercials if you don\'t want to pay for a Subscription service. Spotify is 30 Bucks but Pandora has a great service for only $$3 bucks a month. Can\'t beat Pandora. I picked up an I 16GB 7th Generation IPOD Nano (Red) and also invested in some of the best sound from a pair of Ear Buds I\'ve ever heard. The Bud\'s are Dr. Dre\'s Beats with a wrap around the ear, I have trouble keeping most others in my ear. Between the crisp digital recordings, The Ipod and Dre\'s Beats I\'m one happy camper out on bike runs or walking the Dog. I\'ve got music with me 24/7 via Itunes I use to Library my music after it\'s recorded, with either the Pod or the5c Phone I\'m covered constantly with music. When I first got the Ipod I spent 200.00 bucks in no time buying music and knew that there had to be a better, cheaper way. I\'m not selling or making music for anyone else but self and if that\'s your intent it\'s perfectly legal. Do yourself a favor get Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder sw if your wanting to increase you music library expotentally in no time. You literally start the program after configured, which is simple too, and click on record and the program does the rest. Locates the song, artist and Tag info for the track and number it. Skips the no member commercials and also one click sends to Itunes Library for organization. A++

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2014-03-03 09:24:16
Can do many things.. by Program User

I could mark it as a very nice software, its customizability makes it more nice. Someone said that it isn\'t customizable and you are not able to change bit rate but if you go to setting->Format you can change sample rate and bit rate (unfortunately it has an option to change encoding but it includes only .mp3 file format). You can select/change output folder, auto-split when changing song (after an amount of silenced time). It can auto-detect tags (album, artist, etc.) but you can customize it on your own if it isn\'t able to find the correct tags... The only problem is that my PC performance is low and sometimes it can\'t afford it and lagging

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2014-01-24 11:47:01
Its good but... by R Shah

It\'s good but it could do with a bit more customizability, like choosing the bitrate, tagging and various other options. It is good for spotify and various other music streamers though - it does the job

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2013-12-22 07:15:19
Fabulous by Silentvoice62

Problem solver. Easy to use, and sound quality is great.

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2013-12-18 15:01:17
Works great by Heather Wagner

This software can record songs to mp3 off the Spotify software. Thanks.

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2013-12-12 12:41:01
Excellent product by Chimpmaster

Easy to use, best product of its kind. Excellent job

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