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2013-11-22 16:44:38
v2.0 has made me happy by Paul

I had originally posted a review here based on v1.0 (it was so so) I am happy to say that after using v2.0 for awhile, it has seem to resolve the crashing that took place when auto tag was enabled. I was able to record over 15 hours of music with audio tag enabled without issue. v1.0 could never do that... I am a happy happy person now. I like that i can also add the tracks into iTunes right from the application. My only enhancement request would be; add track numbering to the auto tag feature.

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2013-11-03 11:20:23
They fixed it by John Tutini

I was having the program shut down as the website changed "radio stations". With the latest revision the problem has cleared. Just excellent. Easy to use, highly recommend.

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2013-09-09 20:30:57
Excellent by Frank

It's really great that i can record my favorite music online. Well done.

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2013-04-01 15:54:43
Absolutely Amazing! by Chris

I just recently bought this program and i feel it is worth every penny. This program not only allows you to record audio but when it records it also adds the genre,artist,song name,album, and the album cover for iTunes when you transfer them.(at least with spotify) If you haven't already bought this program i HIGHLY suggest you do!

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2012-10-26 14:08:50
Works perfectly! by d. h.

i tried capturing audio using some free tools like Sunflower and Audacity, but just couldn't get it to work...and i'm both a professional musician and i do tech support at my job! i found this, tried the free version...Flawless! Bought it within 20 minutes of trying the free version. And 256K is plenty good enough...unless you're the most purist sort of audiophile, one can't tell the difference to 320. Only thing is, i'd like to be able to specify the naming convention for my songs instead of the title_artist, i like title - artist, or artist - title. Seems like a simple option to me... but in spite of that, i'm thrilled with this program!

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2012-09-13 05:32:57
Best Purchase I Ever Made by Casey

The service of Wondershare is stellar and this product is great. I could not be happier with the purchase I made, being able to record music has already saved me $125 that would have been spent in iTunes. Along with all this the product has an incredibly user friendly design. They will have my business for a long time to come.

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2012-09-12 08:11:23
AllMyMusic by Anon

This simple interface is good but it goes down hill from there. I am not able to capture audio at 320kbps limited to 256kbps and with the current technological advancements in society, This Does NOT cut it! Wouldn't recommend buying until this is fixed

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2012-03-19 18:26:34
Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac Review by Andrew F.

With AllMyMusic for Mac, getting the best remix by my favorite artist is as easy as getting on YouTube, finding their HD video and hitting record.

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