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Best flv downloader-Download Online FLV Videos Easily

Many video websites use FLV format to store their videos. While watching FLV videos is by no means difficult, people might find it hard to download FLV videos. Don't worry. Here we will introduce several flv downloaders for you, both free and paid.

flv downloader 1: Wondershare free youtube downloader

Wondershare free youtube downloader

The free and great tool to download FLV videos from YouTube

  • Download YouTube FLV videos easily
  • One-click to download YouTube playlists and channels
  • Automatically detect YouTube videos in Chrome, Firefox and IE
  • Play downloaded YouTube videos and your local FLV videos

people have downloaded it

Why Choose free youtube downloader

youtube video downloader

Download YouTube Videos for Free
This program can download all YouTube videos in batches and for free. You can even select the resolution for YouTube videos you download.

youtube flv downloader

Various ways to download
You can download videos through a Download button that will appear on the top right of the video screen. Or you can copy the url of the video and click the Paste URL button to get the video downloaded.

download youtube flv

A video player
After the videos are downloaded, you can play them on this program. In addition, it can play you local FLV videos if you import them to the program.

download youtube flv videos

A video manager
You can manage the downloaded YouTube videos easily with this program. What's more, you can import your local videos to the program for managing.

flv downloader 2: Wondershare AllMyTube

Wondershare AllMyTube

The easiest way to download FLV videos

  • Download FLV videos from 100+ video sites like youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and much more
  • Convert downloaded FLV videos to other formats including AVI, MOV, MP4 and much more
  • Task scheduler, video player and manager

win Version mac Version

people have downloaded it

Why Choose Wondershare AllMyTube

download flv videos

Download FLV videos from various sites
This program enables you to download FLV videos from 100+ video sites. What's more, it keeps updating and will support more sites in the future.

flv video downloader

Various ways to download
There are different ways that you can download FLV videos. You can either click the Download button that will appear or copy the video url and click the Paste URL button

flv downloader

Convert videos to many formats
If you want to play the downloaded FLV videos in different players and portable devices, you will need to convert the videos first. This program enables you to do that easily.

best flv downloader

A video player
You can find the videos in the Downloaded library and double click them to play with the built-in player.

flv downloader 3: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

An all-round tool to download, convert and edit videos

  • Download FLV videos from various video sites
  • Convert FLV videos to 158 formats
  • Edit FLV videos fast and easily

people have downloaded it

Why Choose Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

youtube flv video download

Download videos from many sites
This program supports downloading videos from various sites including YouTube, Vimeo and much more.

flv download

Convert to various formats
It converts downloaded and local videos to virtually any formats, including MOV, AVI and much more.

flv video download

Edit the videos
There are many editing functions for you to choose such as rotate, watermark and much more.

download flv videos

Burn videos to DVD
When you want to burn videos to DVD, you can use this program to do it easily. It can even burn several files simultaneously.

They're downloading



One-stop solution lets you manage your entire mobile lifestyle convenient.

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Hi, dear friend. thanks for your kind feedback. Please allow me to answer you this way. 1) The paid version: AllMyTube does allow free trial with only watermark on the converted video. For downloading YouTube videos, it's completely free. However, if you need to experience one click "download then convert" on the top right of the program window, this is only available after you pay it. 2) Our free YouTube downloader and AllMyTube download the exact original file on YouTube, no matter it's in FLV or MP4. If you have some other program download FLV instead of MP4, it must be that the software have done the conversion after downloading automatically. As mentioned, you prefer the FLV format, in this case, you can use our AllMyTube to achieve it quickly and easily. 3) Yes, when you install this program, you can just pick up what you want by not checking out other options. If still any confusion, please just come to me. Best regards,
Hello Christine, Thank you for your quick answer. One of the problems is, it seems, that the paid version cannot really be tried, i.e. it doesn't show any other options or settings than the free version - I'm willing to pay, btw! I understand your saying both will download the original version. But then, another software has downloaded the flv version, and yours has downloaded the mp4 version - let's imagine Youtube offers both, how can I distinguish them? The - horrible! - freeware YTD Downloader lets you set "best quality available", but even there, often I get (I want to change now, hence my trialing better software) .flv versions, but often mp4 - btw, even here in this case where AllMyTube also downloaded the mp4 version - but how come a competitor of yours downloaded the .flv version here - which I greatly prefer? Are there any settings? Since there is no real help file, those help bits in the web don't but replicate what I see anyway. So again my question: When there are two "originals" for the same title in Youtube, how can I - in Youtube itself or in AllMyTube -, make sur AllMyTube will download the flv version and not the mp4 version? And another question: Is there a way to just download AllMyTube, without hundreds of mega of unwanted stuff?
Hi, friend. well noted your concern. 1) Free version: the downloaded file is the same as the original file, there is no automatic conversion. If your downloaded file is MP4 format, that means the source file is in MP4 format. That's not strange. YouTube has both videos in FLV and MP4 format. 2) Paid version: when you download the Youtube file, you can choose to convert to your desired format before downloading, or after downloading, convert to your wanted format or devices. This is the difference between free one and paid one. If you still have any concerns, please send us the YouTube source file and screenshot, thanks. Best regards,
Please answer here
I tried to download an flv from youtube, but it was automatically downloaded as mp4, which is not what I want. So I searched in the options, but nowhere I could find an option to preserve the original file format. I tried both the free version and the paid version, the paid version not having any other / more options than the free one. Did I overlook something, or do I have to accept the automatic conversion? I'd like to add that another (but very convoluted) download software was able to download the original flv file.
not yet
download rtmp ???
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