Facts of YouTube Logo

YouTube logo is very popular in the internet today and it is among the logos that are very familiar to most of the internet users. This logo became the image of video broadcasting which ensures that users will experience the most satisfying online experience whether in sharing, uploading and watching millions of videos.

The logo of YouTube can be divided into 2 features and the first one features the word “You” printed in black while “tube” has been bounded by the red rectangle which distinguishes the first one. The slogan of YouTube is “broadcast yourself” and you can see it under the two features of the logo. The use of the visible colors such as black, red and white shows the famous appeal of the company itself.

Part 1: The Developing History of YouTube Logo

YouTube logo has not changed much during the years, only minor adjustments in the color or text. Let's see the details below.

YouTube logo Time Short description
1. youtube logo
2005-2011 Actually, this logo was planned to be launched in 2003 but the launching process was postponed until 2005.  The first image of the logo featured the word "You" in black with the red colored rounded rectangular image with the word "Tube" embedded on it. This image was used as the secondary logo since 2011.
1.1 youtube logo png
2005-2009 The alternative logo used during the the first periodwas the logo with the slogan “broadcast yourself” and it was used from the year 2005 up to 2009.
2. youtube logo vector


In July 2011, a modification plan for the logo was introduced and it was a part of the experiment of Cosmic Panda. The result turned to be the new logo of YouTube a few months after the introduction of the said plan. The new layout was introduced last December 6, 2012 and the slogan “broadcast yourself had been removed this time.
3. youtube logo maker


This is now the recent logo used by YouTube. Way back in December 2013, the red rectangular shaped feature was changed from dark to slightly light red in color.

Part 2: YouTube Yoodles

Just like Google and its Doodles, YouTube also changed its default logo into a stylish one which is related with a certain date on different days within a year. These special logos are the so-called YouTube Yoodles. These are the logos that YouTube use for a particular day as its participation for any special event like for instance.

There are several YouTube Yoodles that were used to advertise YouTube Play. In fact, YouTube uses a special logo during April Fools’ Day, the day when Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in which the site used a unique logo that symbolized that very special moment.

YouTube Yoodles come in various colors and designs. These logos are very artistic and they are all creatively developed. These logos catch the eyes of the internet users from time to time and it makes them reminded about any special event that these images symbolize. You can expect for more new YouTube Yoodles in this present year. By looking at the previous Yoodles featured in the web in the past years, you can surely expect that YouTube will come with more Yoodles that will be more stylish and cool.

Here are some examples of YouTube Yoodles:


youtube logos


youtube vector logo


youtube logo


youtube logo png


youtube logo vector


youtube logo maker


youtube logos


youtube vector logo

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