How to Stream Video and Audio Using VLC

VLC is a very popular and one of the most-used media applications on your PC. People are getting trouble in streaming audio and video using VLC. But some simple steps can get you relief from using VLC to stream video and audio files. This article is intended to help you out how you can stream your favorite video and audio using VLC player on your Computer.

Broadcast a Stream

Step 1. Launch VLC and to to "Stream"

Launch the VLC Player: Simply launch the installed VLC Player from your Computer’s programs or install it by downloading it from the VLC website. After launching the VLC Player, you can found a menu bar and "Media" option under the bar. Click on the “Media” menu and find the “Stream” from the sub menus, and you also can found "Stream" from the keyboard shortcuts “CTRL+S”.

stream video with vlc

Step 2. Add the file to Stream

The "Stream" option will pop up a window of "Open Media". In here, you can add media files to stream, or you can choose a CD or DVD or even a network file to broadcast a stream. If the bottom box is set to "Play", choose "Stream" from the options. Now click on the "Add…" button to proceed next.

stream video with vlc

Step 3. Browse Your Computer to Add a Media File

Now you can browse your computer drives to select a file that you want to add. Select the file and then simple click on the "Open" box to add the media file to broadcast a stream.

stream video with vlc

Step 4. Stream the Selected Media file

After adding the media file, you now click on the “Stream” button at the bottom of the page to proceed further. You can also add a subtitle file by check the box for “Use a Subtitle file”.

stream video with vlc

Step 5. Select Stream Output

Following the previous instructions will lead you to “Stream Output” window. The file source links is found here and now click to "Next" and follow below steps.

Step 6. Setting the Destination

You can select the destination from here. Choose the new destination.

  • HTTP- allows you to broadcast stream foe other computers.
  • UDP- allows you to do the broadcast with specific IP address.

After selecting the preferred destination, click on the "Add" box. You may check the box for "Display Locally" to play the media files on your computer to check if it is playing correctly.

stream video with vlc

Step 7. Setup for Port and Path

Here you can check and choose for the port and path. If you want to stream the media files in different format and sizes, check for the “Profile” option and then click on “Next” box at the bottom of the window.

stream video with vlc

Step 8. Finalize the Stream

Now you need to finalize the broadcasting to stream. Simply click on the “Stream” box and enjoy broadcasting your selected media file to stream.

Connect a Stream

Step 1. Open a Network Stream

To connect a stream, launch the VLC Player and find the "Media" from the menu bar.

Now toggle down to find "Open Network Stream" and click on it.

stream video with vlc

Step 2. Enter a Network Url

The "Open Media" window will be opened and you can find the box to enter a network Url for the file you want to stream.

Step 3. Finalize the Stream

Enter the network url to the box and then click to “Play” box for connecting to the selected stream that you want.

stream video with vlc

Now you can find the VLC Window playing the preferred media file in a stream. Thus following the instructions, you will able to connect a stream easily.

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