Top Ten 4K Video Downloader Alternatives

Not long ago, 4K resolution media was beyond the reach of most people, the hardware alone to display it placed 4K outside of the majority of budgets, however, prices are falling rapidly, with both the screens themselves reaching mainstream costs and newer computers mainly able to handle the media with ease. The biggest sign of 4K becoming more than just a dream to all but the richest was, however, YouTube’s adoption of the format recently. This is a sign they expect it to become as normal as 1080p, and with that in mind, looking for a video downloader capable of handling the 4K content seems a sensible choice.

4K Video Downloader is one of the more well known of these products, but there are others too, the question is, which one is best? Today we will have a closer look at some of the software available to see if we can ascertain the best package to use for dealing with 4K content.

1. AllMyTube

This packages is extremely comprehensive, offering downloads from YouTube as expected, but adding over 100 further streaming sites on top for maximum compatibility. To continue the theme of compatibility, AllMyTube also includes a huge number of file formats and it can seamlessly convert your downloaded media between any of them, it includes presets for popular devices making it easy to get your media content in the right format for your chosen device.

It can handle 4K resolution with ease, and offers the simplest interface here. It adds a simple download button to the top of any video within your browser, click download, select the resolution wanted, the video downloads. No need to leave your browser for anything.


2. Xilisoft YouTube Video Converter

We start off with a nice package that, although only functioning with YouTube video, has pretty much every option you can think of. 4K video, conversion during download, batch downloading, the list is comprehensive.

The standout feature of this software package is its ease of use, offering a very clean interface that really makes everything extremely simple to do, on the fly conversion as part of the download process, including several presets designed for popular mobile devices, make the whole process painless, with the 4K handling very good indeed.


The conversion options alone are huge, and as we see the interface is very good, it just lacks the ability to grab videos from other sites.

3. Imtoo YouTube Video Converter

Another well featured package, with a clean interface and the ability to handle 4K footage without fuss. On the fly conversion as part of the download process and batch downloading are other highlights here.


Closer inspection of the screenshot does reveal a significant similarity to the Xilsoft product further up the list, and indeed they do seem to have a common ancestry , but with the features included that is not necessarily a bad thing, however it does also share the ‘YouTube Only’ aspect that could be improved on.

4. YTD Video Downloader Pro for Windows

This software has recently transitioned to version 2, It offers compatibility with a broad range of video sites beyond YouTube that the previous two lack, although it does not yet support resolutions beyond 1080p and so that extra flexibility does come with a price, if your main attraction is for grabbing 4k resolution footage, this is simply not the one for you. Having said that, within its resolution limits it functions very well and offers a comprehensive package, albeit with a rather dated and simple interface.


As the screenshot shows, it is a fairly simple interface but it masks a comprehensive feature set that is worth a look.

5. Freemake Youtube Downloader

A nice package that has recently been upgraded to handle 4K resolution videos. This one also includes the ability to download from a range of video streaming sites as well as convert downloads into alternative formats to suit the device that is to be used to view the media.

This functionality is presented in a reasonably attractive interface with a workflow that makes the process easy to understand and perform.


Overall a quite useful package that has much to offer.

6. MovieBox 11

A well featured package that can download from numerous sites and convert them to any format desired. However, this is another that has yet to be upgraded to handle 4K video, sticking at 1080p resolution so far, so as a package it is definitely missing out on what some of the best offerings have.


A nice product, lacking in the ability to handle HD+, it needs an update.

7. Ultraget

A great software package that downloads from YouTube and a wide range of other streaming sites, offers a conversion utility to make sure the media is in the format you need, and a very simple interface.

It lacks some of the more user friendly functionality of others here, but does download efficiently and easily, a limited package overall but a nice one all the same.


Simple interface, but it does the job.

8. Clone2Go Video Converter

A fully featured program that includes a huge number of conversion presets to accompany its video downloading abilities, and in addition it can do basic trimming of video clips in its built in editor.

Video Converter offers download and conversion in a single operation, but it does only support YouTube itself and so is not as flexible as others here.

video converter

It does offer a nice looking interface and it works well, but others here offer more.

9. Downie

A Mac only application here, but if you have the platform to run it, this is a great package. Downie covers a wide range of streaming sites beyond YouTube, conversion to other formats as part of the download process and an easy to use interface. Full 4K resolution files completes the picture.


Very easy to use, it is only let down by its restriction to the Mac platform, it deserves a wider audience.

10. Leawo Video Converter Ultimate

Another multi-talented product, this one offers compatibility with several different streaming sites in addition to YouTube, a wide range of conversion options and the ability to create DVDs from your downloaded media. That last option is unique here, but sadly its deficiency is not, it has not yet been upgraded to handle 4K resolution, and so is missing a vital component for anyone moving into HD+ media, at least for now.


However it does have a nice interface and it certainly has great functionality apart from the resolution restrictions, a good all-rounder but just missing the final element.

Although many of the programs in this round up offer a great experience for the user, there really is not a bad one amongst them, one does stand out, and that is AllMyTube from Wondershare. It is the most complete package here, offering the widest support of video sites, a huge range of format compatibility and fully integrated 4K workflow on top. As a complete package this one stands above the rest.

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