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Whether you want to use your tax refund money or a promotion bonus to purchase a brand new TV, the real question is what kind of TV are you going to get? A 3D TV? Excellent! You probably already have Blu-Ray discs to watch, but what if you want to create your own movies to watch on your new set? It’s actually easier than you might think. You need two things – a program to download and edit movies in, and a 3D TV.

What is a 3D TV anyway?

A 3D TV is a special HDTV that is capable of showing 3D images when paired with 3D glasses and a proper source like a DVD player or computer connection for live streaming or playback of downloaded videos. When the 3D mode is not enabled, a 3D TV broadcasts regular signals and HD movies. Your glasses can be passive, meaning they are not powered. Many of them are clip on style or are big enough to wear over the top of glasses. Active 3D glasses have power and will need to be synched each time with the television. Many come with rechargeable batteries, so they can be plugged in when not in use to be ready to go for next time.

When you go to the electronics store to check out the 3D TVs, take the time to look at each one. They come in LCD, LED, and plasma; and active and passive. Each of the screens will be somewhat different, and the light in the room will change how you see them. There are a number of screen sizes from which to choose, some of which may magnify any image chatter and create distractions.

Bring in your favorite movie to test each set out with, and spend as long as you need before deciding on which TV will be coming home with you. Don’t feel bad – you are making an investment, and you want to be sure you like that investment. Your salesperson will understand, because he or she doesn’t like it when the customer is unhappy and ends up returning the unit.

So what can you watch on a 3D TV?

Many of the movies available are home releases of IMAX films, but there are 3D action and animation movies available as well. 3D channels are very few and far between, and most of the few that there were have ceased operation in recent months. Cable and satellite companies sometimes have their own channels that share time with other channels, so you can receive some content through your box. Also, some of the TV manufacturers produce supporting content for their TVs in 3D, which you can access by the TV menu. Most of the movies, however, you’re going to want to make yourself by converting an existing film or editing your own footage to create a movie.

There are also video games in 3D that allow you to experience full-immersion in the game. Race cars, play soccer, or enter into battle – it’s all up to you. 3D video games are available on most of the major game consoles.

Creating content

You can download 3D videos from YouTube, thanks to the Wondershare YouTube Video Downloader, a free program that allows you to capture the best the site has to offer in 3D and save it for playback on the big screen. At this point, you can only download from YouTube, or you can purchase Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and access content from a number of sites, convert it to 3D, and enjoy it on your TV.

The process of downloading from YouTube couldn’t be simpler. Just download Wondershare YouTube Downloader, and install the .exe file. When you are ready, launch the program.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

free youtube downloader

You can download easily once you open YouTube in your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox). There will be a download button at the top of the page you can click and the video will begin to download.

free youtube downloader

You can also open the Downloader program, paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download, and it will also start the download. The next image shows you the menu of the program. You can see the status bars show you the progress of your downloads.

free youtube downloader

There is an option to automatically convert your file to another format if you wish. Just slide the bar at the top right to on and it will do it automatically.

If you want to use another website other than YouTube, you can stream the videos and manually record them during play. Launch the program, and open your browser to the video you want. A menu will appear over the playback screen with a record button. When you get to the place in the video you want to start recording, press record. You can set an auto-timer for the recording to shut off after a certain time, if you wish.

free youtube downloader

It’s easy to send your videos to a mobile device over your home Wi-Fi network. Just install the Wondershare app on your device and connect. You’ll need to scan the QR code to finish the connection.

Once your files are downloaded, you can convert them to 3D using the Video Converter Ultimate. Open the Wondershare program and import the files. You can use DVDs or videos on your computer’s hard drive. Inside the Converter program, just click Add Files and import.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

On the main page after loading your file, you can change the output by using the menu on the right hand side. Click the pull down menu and select the output format you want.

At the bottom on the right is a wheel next to Settings. When you click that, a menu comes up that will allow you to do some quick edits to your video, like adjust the frame rate and the video bit rate.

When all of your settings on the source video are to your liking, click the blue Convert button at the very bottom of the right side and the program will do the rest.

video converter

If you want to create a DVD to play on your new 3D TV, you can do that quickly using Wondershare. At the top of the page, the center button is Burn. Click that to open the burning software page. You can add videos manually or click and drag them into the working section. On the right hand side are a number of templates from which you can choose to set up your menu – including holidays, birthdays, school projects, or no menu at all.

You have the options at the bottom that you can select to add a background image and music.

When your video is just as you want it, insert a blank DVD in your drive, and click OK at the bottom.

video converter

It will burn the video to DVD for easier playback and sharing.

If you want to do more editing before you convert the file to 3D or burn it to DVD, you can do that. When you have loaded your video, click its title on the screen and then the Edit button. That will let you add special effects, subtitles, and watermarks, or do some basic edits like cropping or rotating images. As you can see, each one has its own tab on the right hand side. When you are done, just click Ok.

video converter

You can merge two (or more) files together, too, by holding down shift while you click each video to select all of the ones you want to work with. When you are ready, click the Merge Into One File option and viola! Your videos will become one.

If you don’t want to have two programs, Video Converter Ultimate can do YouTube downloads as well, plus it has the capacity to download from other video websites.

Just like with YouTube Downloader, open your website page and look for the Download button that will appear over the video to select the one you want to download. You can also copy the URL of the website and then click the + Add URL button at the top left of the Download page. Paste the URL and then click OK.

Your status bars will show you the progress of the videos you have selected to download. If you need to pause them, you can, then resume download later.

video converter

As you can see, it’s simple to create your own content using the clean, easy to use interface. Once you get started, you’ll no doubt be creating lots of content to share and play on your new TV. The best part is – you can play around with the settings and have fun with them. When you are finished editing and making changes with the available settings, then you can burn it to DVD. In the meantime, nothing is completely permanent and you can make all of the changes you want, saving several different versions as you go.

Enjoy your new 3D TV and the fun of creating content to watch on it!

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