3 things of MP3 Rocket you need know before downloading

In present scenario we are always stuck with computer and mobile phones and we have modified our mode of entertainment too for that. We watch videos or listen to music online but sometimes some music are very soothing and we wish to have them on our system or on our mobile device in such cases what you need is a Video downloader and converter. Mp3 Rocket is a downloader that has in-built converter that eases your task from downloading a video to converting to your desired format. Here we will tell you to download video using Mp3 Rocket easily.

Part 1: What exactly is MP3 ROCKET?

MP3 Rocket's use a Creative Commons filtering that lets you download and convert legally available music from YouTube while screening out potentially copyrighted material. It allows you to convert YouTube downloads into MP3s and similar formats that can play on any device.You can convert downloaded videos for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Cell Phone, Windows Media, and XVid.

About Mp3 Rocket

Mp3 rocket is application software that allows you to download YouTube to mp3. It is one off the fastest video to MP3 Converter. It allows you to Convert YouTube to MP3 for free. Get free video to mp3 conversions with MP3 Rocket no registration is required It is fast and free. It is Compatible with any mobile device. MP3 Rocket is a simple and easy to use YouTube to MP3 converter and video downloader. It allows you to converts video to multiple audio or video formats and provides easy play back on computers or mobile devices. It also allows users to turn any video into a MP3 ringtone, without losing sound quality. It is more than a video downloader, it allows users to download HD videos and convert them to any desired video format.


• Many Musicians and record companies have posted tons of really good music under Creative Commons licensing. It is marketing technique and everybody wins.

• A new feature is introduced in MP3 Rocket that it can converts any downloaded tune into a ringtone.


• There are some unwanted toolbar on User interface that is a big issue and software that installs other software in spite of your choice is a nonstarter for many users.

• Mp3 Rocket is an effective software but Music downloaded from YouTube and converted to MP3s ranges in quality from good enough to not bad, but don't expect high fidelity.

Good Review

#1. This application is really fast and very easy to use.

MP3 Rocket - good review 1

#2. Download speed and the conversion speed is really good.

MP3 Rocket - good review 2

#3. The quality of the Mp3 and video file downloaded is really good.

MP3 Rocket - good review 3

Bad Review

#1. Mp3 Rocket software tries to reset your default browser if you have not uncheck the default option.

MP3 Rocket - bad review 1

#2. There are some kinds of malware issue with this application.

MP3 Rocket - bad review 2

#3. There is some issue with the compatibility of version 6.4.7 with Windows 7.

MP3 Rocket - bad review 3

Part 2: Top 3 user problems about MP3 Rocket

#1. I get a Java error when I try to use MP3 Rocket. How can I fix it?

Some users have experienced Java errors when trying to launch or use your MP3 Rocket program.

MP3 Rocket - problem 1

Solution Uninstall all the versions of Java.

Use the uninstall tool that is available on Java's website to uninstall old versions of Java from your computer that are no longer needed. Java Uninstaller will not uninstall the latest version so you need to uninstall the latest version as well. Once it is uninstalled you need to reinstall the latest version from their website.

#2. "File name cannot contain double-spaces" error message

User get an error message that file name cannot contain double-space while changing the file name or at the time when they try to save the file.

MP3 Rocket - problem 2

Solution- The only solution for this issue is you need to remove any double-spaces or special characters in the File Name field.

#3. I double-click my desktop icon, but nothing happens. Why?

Sometimes the program stuck and do not respond and it freezes the system.

MP3 Rocket - problem 3

Solution- This application is a Java-based application, it means you must have the latest version of Java installed on your computer to make MP3 Rocket to function properly.

You need to add an exception for Java in your security softwareif Java is being blocked by your security softwareor if you have uninstalled Java or your MP3 Rocket program will not function until you install Java.

Part 3: Top 5 better Alternatives to mp3 rocket

1. Wondershare AllMyTube - Video Downloader

Allmytube is software from the house of wondershare.com this software is awesome and supports 10000+ video streaming site to download videos from there. Here we will tell you more about the plugin of this software, how to use it and more feature of this application.

    • You can download videos from YouTube and more than 10000+ video sharing sites
    • It allows you to batch download YouTube playlists & channels at high speed.
    • Allmytube converter Convert videos to MP3, MP4, and 100+ formats for iPhone, android Phone and various multimedia devices.
    • You can Download YouTube HD videos (even 1080p HD and 4k videos) and YouTube 3D videos.
    • Allmytube allow to Download YouTube high bit-rate MP3 in one-click.
    • You can download videos 3X faster with task scheduler using Allmytube.
    • It saves you time as it allows to Download and convert videos in one-click.
    • It allowsusers to Record any video from online websites.
    • You can Transfer video from your system to mobile phone without USB cable.
    • It allows you to Play video after downloading with built-in video player to play videos.

4,088,454 people have downloaded it


• If you are looking to download your favorite videos from all types of video sharing sites then you can go for WondershareAllmytube. This is the best available software in the market.

• It never fails to download any video you found online.

• It support 10000+ video sharing websites.


• It uninstalls additional software without any permission.

MP3 Rocket - allmytube download

2. YouTube Downloader

This application works with vimeo and blip TV too you can download your favorite video from some other online video streaming sites. This application allows you to download your video in MP4 and FLV format on your desktop.

Key features

• It is very simple to use as its user interface is not that complicated as it has only selected options on user interface.

• It has an integrated video player that allows you to watch your video right away.


• YouTube Downloader converts your downloaded file in another format too, if you wish to take your download file to any other place once it is downloaded.


• Sometimes it gets irritating when the popup appears and ask to purchase the application and promote the paid version.

Link: Download here

MP3 Rocket - ytd

3. Free tube video Downloader

This application is small in size, but it works like bullet application is very simple in design and it do not let you wait to watch your favorite YouTube video. It has limited options, but it is capable enough to give you what you want.

Key features

• This application allows you to download your favorite video from youtube in your desired format.

• You do not need to convert your video after the download is completed as it has the option to download your video in your desired format.


• Limited amount of buttons makes its user interface, very easy and handy to use it is not that complicated like others.


• This application is awesome with its intended function and only support YouTube it would be awesome if it support others too.

Link: Download here

MP3 Rocket - free YouTube Downloader

4. Solid YouTube video Downloader

Solid YouTube Downloader is very handy and easy to use this application has an inbuilt converter too. It allows you to download your video files from YouTube as well as audio files too.

Key features

• Download YouTube videos and convert them in various format such as MP4, MP3, FLV, MKV etc.

• This application allows you to custom your video quality before download and you even can custom your download speed with this application as well.


• This application allows you to download your video according your device such as you can download video format for your iPad, PSP etc.


• Too slow and sometimes too unresponsive, it stuck sometimes and hang your system.

Link: Download here

MP3 Rocket - Solid YouTube video Downloader

5. Kastor all video Downloader

Kastor video Downloader allows you to download videos from numerous online video streaming sites you can search for the video on the interface and it will show you result, according to your filters and you can add the URL of the video too to download your video.

Key features

• It allows batch download so you can download more than one video at a time.

• You can download your video in different file format so you do not need to convert your video after download.


• You can download videos from numerous online video streaming sites like youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.

• You can run multiple download in one go and you can modify setting and change the language of your preference.


• Download a spyware at the time of installation and when try to uninstall the product it would not uninstall.

Link: Download here

MP3 Rocket - Kastor all video Downloader

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