How to Email Pictures as a Slideshow

If someone asks me how to email pictures to friends, there are so many ways. The simplest way is to compress the pictures, which could reduce the picture file sizes as well as make it possible to email pictures in one attachment.

Email pictures as a slideshow? There are also different methods to realize this idea. You could find a website to make and store your pictures slideshow. Just email a slideshow link to others so that they can visit and watch the slideshow themselves. If you don't want to take the risk to upload your photos online, you can use your favorite slideshow making software to create a slideshow movie and send them as attachment. Choose you way to email pictures as a slideshow. Now learn how to make a slideshow online and offline.

Make a Slideshow Movie to Send via Email

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory is an easy slideshow making tool with intuitive user interface and flexible output formats (SWF or EXE) that make it possible to create small enough slideshow to email. With this tool, you can make a slideshow in just a few clicks: import photos, choose a template and create, and it's ready to email as an attachment. You are also recommended to compress the file with your file compressor like WinZip or WinRAR to get a smaller size of slideshow file. Before email your slideshow, make sure the file size have not exceeded the maximum attachment limit of email service of yours and the recipients. For example, Gmail only allows you to send attachment no larger than 25 Mb in size. Below is a slideshow example  you can email as an attachment.


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Upload Pictures and Make Slideshow Online

Slide is one of the most popular online slideshow making and sharing website for free. When a slideshow is created, you will get a hyperlink to it. Therefore, you can include this link in your email so that your recipient could watch the slideshow through the slideshow link. Slide also helps you quickly share slideshows with friends on social networking sites like Facebook. Hence, do you still need to send pictures as slideshow? Or just share pictures on Facebook? It's up to you.

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