Download Ntldr File to Fix NTLDR Errors

What's NTLDR?

NTLDR, a file without any extension like .dll, .exe, or .com, is a Windows system component that is used to display a boot menu and invoke the Windows kernel (Ntoskrnl.exe) to start Windows hardware virtualization, process and memory management, etc. If there is something wrong with NTLDR file, such as missing, compressed, or hanging up due to other process, you will be failed to boot up Windows machine.

Why Download NTLDR File?

You thought you need to download NTLDR file mainly due to the error message as below. However, just downloading NTLDR file can probably not resolve the problems. You are suggested to search the internet for complete solution to repair your issues, or visit our Computer Help topic for solutions.

1. NTLDR is missing

2. NTLDR is compressed

3. NTLDR is infected or corrupted

Where to Get NTLDR File

Well, maybe you already know how to fixed the NTLDR problem, but having not found NTLDR file on your computer. Actually, it's very convenient to get NTLDR file from your Windows Installation Disc. It locates in the folder i386. If you can't boot up your computer, boot from the Windows Installation Disc and run Recoery Console. Then input following commands to download NTLDR file from Windows CD to your hard drive. Assume your CD-rom drive is D:.

copy d:i386 tldr c:


Now check if the NTLDR issue is repaired or not. You could still search the internet for website providing NTLDR file to download. I have searched for it and found a downloadable link for NTLDR. Get NTLDR and by clicking the download button below.

The NTLDR Issue Has Been Fixed?

Wondershare LiveBoot is a lifesaver for your Windows fixing, recovery and backup tasks. It boots up any computer with CD/DVD/USB and provides one-click fixing feature that anyone could use without any prior computer knowledge. The above described NTLDR issues could all been fixed by using LiveBoot. Learn more about LiveBoot now.

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