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Bandcamp can be more accurately described as an online music store where music lovers can directly support their favorite artists. It is a privately held company launched in the year 2007 (formerly Oddpost). Ethan Diamond is the CEO and Co-Founder, launched in 2008 mainly focused on individual artist promotion. A ‘microsite’ is provided to artists using this website to upload, store as well as share their albums.

1. You can listen to your favorite music online and the site even allows most of them to be downloaded for free.

2. You can logon to your favorite artist’s page on the site and have access to his/her complete profile like social networking site links and latest releases etc.

3. Download music from Bandcamp has a global download ranking of 1,483 and US ranking of 787 for traffic. Most of the traffic is from US rounded to 40% followed by UK at 7% and Japan 4%.

4. Users have the option to gift a purchased music which simplifies sales process.

5. Download music from Bandcamp earns 15% for the company on every sale while uploading music is free and this commission drops to 10% when sale of that album crosses $5000 mark.

Download music from bandcamp

Part 1: Best downloader for “Download music from bandcamp”:

A:A music downloader is a software that enables downloading music from websites to your device like PC or phones. Most importantly a music downloader is expected to pull the ‘True Replica’ and not faded or lost data files to your device where you will not have the first hand experience on music. Few feature that is expected of a good music downloader are;

·True Replica Download : A Music Downloader should pull-up a copy with zero loss data to enable a great music experience.

·Download speeds :A good music downloader software acts as an interface between source server and your device with sufficient bandwidth to enable downloads within shortest duration.

·Download format:We all have different format requirements for downloads according to our devices. A music downloader can be termed good if it supports popular formats such as; MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC etc.

·Filtering feature :A good music player has ‘Filter’ feature enabled which gives you the freedom to filter-out unwanted ads coming along with the downloaded music.

·Automatic Downloads :Nobody likes to go through a series of commands to download their favorite music, neither should a good music downloader be so. Automatic Download option becomes a ‘must have’.

B :Download music from Bandcamp is simple as could be, provided you are using the right fit music downloader which has sufficient bandwidth to pull files fast enough. The downloader should support various formats and with zero-loss transfers ability. The downloader should be capable of downloading to your mobile device for iOS, Android and other compatible devices. The music downloader that you choose to download from Download music from Bandcamp should be compatible for this site.

Part C :If you are looking for a music downloader that’s compatible in all ways with Download music from Bandcamp think none other than ‘Wondershare TunesGo’ as it has all the feature and options to do the job done quickly and in a desirable way. ‘Wondershare TunesGo’ is fast, reliable and is zero-loss transfer enabled. Why go for Wondershare TunesGo;

· With TunesGo you don’t have device limitations, enjoy seamless transfer of all your media files in iTunes including Podcasts, Music, iTunes U, Playlist and much more.

· You can have TunesGo build and choice playlist so, you could enjoy some rejuvenating music as per your moods.

· You can customize your music library such as change labels, tag albums, zap duplicates clear broken tracks and much more.

· Need a copy of your iTunes on different PCs, TunesGo will take care of that so, you don’t have to worry about losing data even while upgrading iTunes.

· TunesGo is your auto doctor as it checks your files regularly for missing tracks or tracks that need repair and does that automatically.

Reviews :

· I am grateful to Wondershare for developing such a wonder product called TunesGo which makes life really easy for us where we can easily download from Bandcamp. Now, I don’t even need iTunes to transfer my music as TunesGo can very well take care of it. This software has enabled transfer of music files directly to ipad sans permission or restrictions.

· I guess many of us haven’t yet forgotten the pains of iTunes and how we were stuck with it to transfer and store files from one device to another. The best part and the most unbelievable feature that TunesGo offers and I hope you are able to believe me is recovery of your files after a disaster. TunesGo does this seamlessly as though a disaster never happened at all and you will never know how and when.

Part 2: How to “Download music from Bandcamp”:

Here are the basic steps to download your favorite music files from Bandcamp;

Step 1 :TunesGo has to be launched : First things first, launch TunesGo on your PC browser which will open this software, an interface or driver that is helping you with downloading your favorite music track/song from cloud server;

Download music from bandcamp

Step 2 :Next, you have to go for downloading your favorite music file and for this you will find on the left hand side of your computer screen the main menu of TunesGo. On top you will find ‘Get Music’, below that ‘Download’ box

Download music from bandcamp

Step 3 :Here, several sites and logos would have popped-up on your computer screen from where you can download music, you need to select Bandcamp music and choose your favorite song/track. Paste that music file’s URL on TunesGo and you will be taken care of by TunesGo downloader;

Step 4 :Your music file is now automatically downloading, progress of which you will be able to see on your computer screen;

Download music from bandcamp

Step 5 : TunesGo takes complete charge from here onward by placing your downloaded music file under the category ‘Downloaded’ and we are now good to enjoy listening to our choice songs;

Download music from bandcamp

TunesGo is capable of transferring music files to various devices as well as can implement in getting ID3 tags.

Download music from bandcamp

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