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Top 3 easy ways to download videobash videos (including free way)

VideoBash is a comedic video website well-known for its funny and piss-in-your-pants videos. It assembles both user-generated and licensed content. When you view funny videos on the website, chances are you want to save it for playback or sharing with your friends. In that way, whenever you get bored, you can entertain yourself and your friends easily. So you will need a powerful VideoBash downloader to help you fulfill this. In this article will tell you top 3 ways to download videobash videos.

download videobash videos - videobash logo

Part 1: Best way to download videobash videos

Wondershare AllMyTube - Video Downloader is all in one kind of program that ensures that the user is taken ahead in terms of downloads and the overall functionalities are not only made easier but also simpler. The program has one of the most advanced technologies that have been embedded as well as used to ensure that the users are never deserted in the middle of any downloading program. In simple words the program is stable and therefore to understand the phenomenon in full it is advised to read the features of the program that would make the picture even clearer for the user.

Features of the program

• The program is linked with 10,000+ popular sites to download videos from

• Batch download from popular sites like YouTube is now possible

• The latest technologies of HD, 4K and 3D are supported in full by the program

• YouTube to mp3 in high bit rate can now be downloaded with ease

• The program downloads the videos 3X faster as compared to others

• The videos can be downloaded and converted in a single click

• The embedded converter supports 150+ formats to convert to

• The recorder in the program can record from any website of the world

• Wireless transfer of the videos is now possible with this program

• The video player embedded allows the users to watch videos in HD

4,088,454 people have downloaded it

The process that a user should adopt in reference to the program has been mentioned as under:

1. Download & install the program and open it, launch your browser and enter Find a video you want to download and click it to play.

download videobash videos - open allmytube

2. The videobash video that has to be downloaded is then to be played so that the download button appears as the program captures it:

download videobash videos - download button

3. The button is then to be pressed to select the resolution and to ensure that the user gets the best results:

download videobash videos - select video resolution

4. Another convenient way is to copy the video’s url and click Paste URL button on the program. This will help achieve the same result.

download videobash videos - download with url

5. After downloading videos, you may want to take them on the go. So you need to put into your portable devices. But it may be a bit of a hassle because of the format incompatibility. This program can convert VideoBash videos in a click. Notice a Convert button on the right of the video in the Downloaded library? Click it and select a preferred format like AVI or a device like iPad. Then click OK.

Note: Switch on the Download then Convert button on the main window and select a format, then you can download and convert VideoBash video in just a click.

download videobash videos - convert to other format

If you double-click the videos, you can play them with a built-in player in the software. The player can support playing videos with various formats. To manage videos on your computer, just import them to the Downloaded library of the program. You can drag and drop the videos to adjust the sequence. Can’t wait to have a try? Just download it and you will never be let down.

Part 2: Download videobash videos with FLVto video downloader

With the most advanced and recent functionalities the program is definitely one of the very few that is regarded by the users as the only one that can be used freely and effectively. The overall functionality of the program is the one that has been regarded as the most advanced one by many tech sites of the world and therefore the user base is high as well as the rating of the program. To further understand the program as well as the overall functionalities that it supports the users it is advised to go through the features of the program.

Features of the program

• Though the FLV is the priority but the user can convert to numerous other formats as well.

• The program is easy to use as the interface is GUI

• The download speed is high as compared to other programs of this genre

• The overall functionalities of the program are easy to understand and implement.



• The program is able to download video to mp3 and the other formats that are associated to its converter making it more usable

• The user is also able to watch the HD playback of the videos that are present on the system due to the player embedded.


• The user needs to bear the ads that are displayed and download other programs during the main software download

• The overall functionality of the program heavily depends upon the system resources so it is liable to consume the batteries of portable devices.


download videobash videos - with FLVto video downloader

Good review

Posted by Alternative to this review states that the user needs no other program when FLVto is there to support the downloading as well as the conversion functions

download videobash videos - FLVto video downloader review 1

Bad review

Yahoo in this relation states that the ads are the only issues that urge the user to uninstall the program and therefore this factor is to be controlled to get good results.

download videobash videos - FLVto video downloader review 2

Part 3: Online way to download videobash videos

Peggo is one of the easy to use sites as well as the download hub by using which the user is able to download the videobash videos with perfection. The user needs to ensure that the only URL of the website is browsed to enjoy the services that are awesome and state of the art. The functionalities of the website are easy to understand and therefore can be implemented without any trouble as the overall feature are highly supportive and ensure that the user gets the best results.



• The one URL bar functionality has ensured that the user gets an online downloader that is simple to use and easy to maintain files with

• The overall functionality of the program is the best to get going with as it supports the users in full.


• Very few formats are supported by the website

• Bach downloading of the videos is not possible

• The site support of the downloader is also very limited

• The download speed is too slow


download videobash videos - peggo

Part 4: Comparison of the 3 ways

Metrics Allmytube FLVto Peggo
Highly stable
Mildly stable
Not stable at all
Download Speed
Download playlists or channels in batch
Not Supported
Supported Video sites
Only 15
Download and then convert automatically
Not Supported
Not Supported
Download HD including 3D/4K video
Not Supported
Not Supported
Download subtitle
Not Supported
Not Supported
Supported Conversion formats
Only 20
Transfer data without usb cabel
Not Supported
Not Supported
Custom Download Scheduler
Not Supported
Not Supported
record screen or videos from websites
Not Supported
Not Supported
Build in Player
Not Supported
Not Supported

They're downloading



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