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If you use the Firefox browser most of the time, you're probably no stranger to the video downloadhelper extension. This extension enables people to download videos from websites like youtube, Facebook etc. But when you switch to a Mac computer, it has a default browser as safari which you may use more often on a Mac computer. So you may wonder, is there a similar downloadhelper-for-chrome.html'>download helper for Safari? The answer is yes, and you can look no further to find it here—the Wondershare AllMyTube (AllMyTube for Mac).

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Download the program and get it installed. This program can work seamlessly with Safari. It is really a great help for Safari to download videos from almost all the common streaming video sites. And it is easy to handle with only a click to download. What's more, it is also a good converter of video files in order that they can fit into your portable devices and you can watch videos on the go. Waste no time now, let's get started to go over the detailed tutorial on how to download videos from Safari with this program.

1 Find videos in Safari

Make sure you run the downloadhelper for Safari after installation and then launch Safari. Go to one of the video sites to find your favorite videos to play. We will take YouTube for an example.

2 Download videos from Safari with a click

When the video starts loading, you can find a Download button floating above the top right of the video screen. Click it and all is done.

download helper Safari

You can also try copying the url of the video and click Paste Url button of the program or simply drag the url to the program, then the program will start downloading the videos.

Safari download helper

You can keep searching for more videos to download while the program can work in the background.

Note: If you download videos from YouTube playlists or channels on Mac computer, after opening the playlists and channels, you can find a Download All button beside the name of the playlists or channels. Click this Download All button, and you can download a bunch of videos right away.

3 Convert videos from Safari (optional)

After the videos are downloaded, you can check in the Downloaded category that they are always in the flash format which can not play on your portable devices. Don't worry, you can click the Convert button on the right to convert to any format you like or just choose the name of the portable device with preset parameters.

Up till now, the safari downloadhelper-for-chrome.html'>downloadhelper-for-chrome.html'>download helper finishes its work to download and convert videos from Safari while it can offer more. You can manage your FLV, MP4 or WebM videos on your computer by importing them to this program and double click the videos to play with its inbuilt player. Just give it a try and you will get what you want.

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Watch this video tutorial below:

They're downloading



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Or just get the ClickToFlash Safari Extension and you not only can right-click to download video, you don''t have to worry about Flash crashes.
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