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How to Download Videos from Crackle

Crackle, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, provides people with full-length, uncut video contents containing films and TV shows. Free service as it is on computers and portable devices, you may not be totally free because you need to rely on the internet connection everywhere. What’s more, you may always be interrupted by ads in the middle of your favorite movies or TV shows. At these times, thoughts may come into your mind that it should be a brilliant idea to download all crackle videos and transfer to devices for offline playback. Wondershare AllMyTube (AllMyTube for Mac) should be what you are looking for. It can download and convert Crackle videos into device-friendly formats despite that videos on Crackle are always in the flash format.

Choose one version of the program to install on your computer. Then open it and follow us to check a detailed tutorial out as follows.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1 Find Crackle video you love

In order for the videos to be detected, please open crackle.com on one of the top 3 browsers containing IE, Firefox and Chrome. Then navigate to find videos you love to play.

2 Download Crackle videos

When videos begin to play, a floating Download button will show in the top-right corner. This is what you need to spot. Click the button to initiate the analyzing and downloading of the videos.

There is another method to download crackle video by url. Copy the url of the video and click the Paste URL button on the program. You can add many videos to the downloading queue through either way.

crackle video downloader

3 Convert Crackle videos to other formats

In the Downloaded tab, find all the Crackle videos and all basic information about them like size, format and more. Notice a Convert button on the right? This is for converting videos to other formats. Click the button and select a format like iPad or others as you prefer.

download national geographic

Note: You can also get videos downloaded and converted at one time by some settings. Go to the primary window to find the toggle button of Download the Convert. Press the button and select a format to be the preset output format.

All things are done now. You can enjoy the videos without any limitations. By the way, you have the ability to preview videos in this Crackle downloader by double-clicking the videos. To neatly manage all the videos in the Downloaded library, you can drag and drop to adjust the order. Don’t wait any more. Give it a try and it will never fail you.


Download Win Version  online video downloader

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Hi Bob, sorry for causing the inconvenience. I have opened a technical ticket on your behalf. Someone from our support team will reach out for you in 24hrs.
When I try to download from Crackle, it will look like I am downloading the episode whose url I use, but it actually just keeps downloading the same (wrong) episode of a series over and over no matter which episode's url I put it. The downloaded file will have the name of the episode I wanted, but the file will always be the same (wrong) episode. It also curiously shows the correct thumbnail and a unique file size in the menu as it downloads, but will end up stopping short when it hits the size of the wrong episode which is always the same. How can it show like it downloading the proper episode, but actually be downloading a completely different file? Every series I have tried so far is the same. It will only download one episode, regardless of which url I use, and I can't find any rhyme or reason to which it picks, as it isn't the first ep, or the first video in the list below the player or anything.
Hi there, sorry for the late reply and i have forwarded your problem to our technical support team. Someone from there will reach for you in 24hrs to help solve this problem.
Hmm, I was able to download a video from Crackle (that comedians in cars having coffee, superbowl episode), but there was no audio in the file that was downloaded. Hmm

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