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Top 3 easy ways to download CNN video(including free way)

Being a world leader in news industry CNN is viewed by millions all over the world and therefore it is one of the most wanted channels of the world when it comes to current affairs. Some of the news as well as the clippings are such that are unique and exclusive to the channel and these are always wanted by the users so that the downloading can be done and the offline view is possible. There are several ways to ensure that the user gets the desired wish fulfilled and there are tens of thousands of programs that are available to do so. Top programs that can download CNN video will be discussed in great detail.

download lynda videos - cnn icon

Part 1: Best way to download CNN video

If Lynda needs no introduction then the same goes to Wondershare AllMyTube is one of the programs that would allow the users to perform the work without any hassle and in addition to all this it is easy to use and is updated regularly to get the users out of the issues they face while using substandard programs. The program as well as the related features is such that they allow the users to perform the work with great speed and efficiency. It is therefore one of the most recommended programs of the internet world.

Wondershare AllMyTube - Video Downloader

• The program supports over 1000 sites to download the videos and stuff directly

• The batch as well as playlist download is a feature that is not available elsewhere

• The HD, 4K and 3D videos can be downloaded without any issue while other systems lack this quality.

• YouTube to high bit rate mp3 download is possible and just a single click will do the trick.

• The speed of the program is 3X faster and task scheduler makes the process even easier

• Videos can be downloaded and converted in one click

• The embedded converter allows the users to convert to 150+ formats with ease

• The recorder within the program ca record the videos from any website

• Wireless transfer of the content to multimedia devices

• Built in video player to play the videos with ease and in HD format

4,088,454 people have downloaded it

How to download CNN videos

The process that is to be followed has been mentioned as below:

1. Download the program from here or product page and then install it:

download lynda videos - download and instat

2. The user then needs to visit the CNN website and play the video that is to be downloaded. The URL of the video is then to be copied. The video section of the site is located at

download lynda videos - find cnn video

3. On the main page of the program the user needs to click the button of Paste URL and the video will be added to the download stream on its own and the process ends here completely:

download lynda videos - paste url

4. Alternatively once the user plays the video the download button will appear at the top right corner that can be used to download the video as well as select the resolution:

download lynda videos - select video quality

Part 2: Download CNN video with Freemake Video downloader

Freemake video downloader has been one of the favorite of the users as it has made the process of downloading the videos easy for the users and therefore it is highly recommended. The users can experience fast speeds and downloads that are done in blink of an eye without letting the user wait for even a single minute extra. To get an insight below are some of the features of the program to aid the users in relation to this program:

Features of Freemake video converter

• The program comes with a free converter that supports numerous formats

• A large number of sites are supported by the program

• The program is also able to extract mp3 from the YouTube videos

• Easy handling and effective controls

• Embedded video player to aid the user.



• The program is very light in operating and therefore it not only saves the system resources but the built in features make it work standalone

• The user can download the videos from the sites that are supported and it is all done in a single click to aid the process


• The user cannot operate the program if the browser plug-in of this app is not installed. In other words they force the users to perform the action

• The ads that are to be watched during the download have lead many users to uninstall the program and therefore it is important this issue is resolved.


download lynda videos - Freemake

Good review

The review has been posted by PC advisor states that the user needs no additional program once this has been installed and it is all due to the embedded technologies as well as the overall interface look which is quiet awesome.

download lynda videos - Freemake review

Bad review

Posted by Snap files this review states that the user needs additional plug-in that is forced upon and secondly the user has to watch crapware during the download which is frustrating.

download lynda videos - Freemake review 2

Part 3: Online way to download CNN video

Save from is an online downloader which supports hundreds of websites including CNN to download videos from. The user just needs to copy and paste the link to get the process going and the rest is done by the downloader itself. This online downloader also comes with the browser extension that can be installed to get the most out of the features that are embedded within it.



• The downloader offers several video resolutions to the users and therefore it is a feature which most of the paid and installable software do not provide

• The program can also extract audio from the videos so that the users who want only the mp3 format can also get benefit


• The download speed is too slow

• Batch downloading of videos is not possible

• Conversion of the video formats is not possible

• Very few websites are supported by this program


download lynda videos - online solution

Part 4: The 3 Ways Comparison

Metrics & Names AllMyTube Freemake video downloader Save from
Highly stable
Mildly stable
Not stable at all
Download Speed
Download playlists or channels in batch
Not Supported
Not Supported
Supported Video sites
Download and then convert automatically
Not supported
Not supported
Download HD including 3D/4K video
Not supported
Not supported
Download subtitle
Not Supported
Not Supported
Supported Conversion formats
Transfer data without USB cable
Not supported
Not Supported
Custom Download Scheduler
Not supported
Not supported
Record screen or videos from websites
Not supported
Not Supported
Build in Player
Not supported

They're downloading



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