Teens VS Adults: How to Listen to Music (Infographic)

Music pervades everyday’s life: at homes, on trains and planes, in cars and shops, at birth and deaths, weddings and wars, in concert halls, clubs, stadiums and orchestrates; all the ways in which people experience the world together. How people listen to music, and who are more prone to music, are few questions that linger on our minds frequently. To illustrate all these, we have created this infographic.

The infographic here describes about the interest of teens and adults in music, the types of ways they both prefer to hear the rhythm of life, who are more active in purchasing music, who often attends live music events and the economy of music. Although teens win the race, they’re the ones who give up music when they grow old. Similarly, being blessed with advanced technologies, people belonging to 65+ age group opt radios. To know more about the ratios, take a quick glimpse at the infographic provided here.

teens vs adults how to listen to music

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