Orbit Downloader Alternative: Download Online Video Better than Orbit Downloader

Have you just gone bored of using Orbit downloader for downloading videos online? Although it is true that Orbit downloads videos easily, but then again this program has many loopholes which make it really cumbersome and difficult for regular use. First and foremost, this program does not support all internet browsers, so it is no way better than other traditional video downloading programs that are preinstalled with Firefox and others. Secondly, several reviewers of this program have complained that this program contains virus. This software is also not Mac compatible, which is another reason as to why this program doesn’t have universal appeal for all users on the internet.

Because of these above mentioned problems with Orbit, many users of this software have been looking for a better video download program, which can restore back peace in their mind. For all these people, who are fed-up with Orbit’s hazards, Wondershare AllMyTube is the ultimate alternative solution which works perfectly in both Windows and Mac OS. So if you are keen upon opting for an immediate change, download Wondershare AllMyTube, which shall help you to brighten up your day!

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What Wondershare AllMyTube Excels

Primarily, Wondershare AllMyTube allows a completely peaceful installation of the software, as it does not contain any unnecessary add-ons and malware which are filtered out of the installation process.

is liked by many and is considered to be one of the most trusted video downloading software, are because of a multitude other reasons which have been listed below:

  1. This software is programmed to generate extremely speedy downloads of all YouTube Videos, and that too without any ads.
  2. This program supports more than 100 different video downloadable sites in several languages and regional preferences which are most popular on the internet.
  3. This excellent program is capable of post-download conversion of all the downloaded FLV files to many other popular video formats, namely MP4, MOV; and also support files that can be played on iPod, iPhone, Walkman and various other devices.
  4. This software is capable of extracting just the MP3 audio files after downloading videos from different music sites and also YouTube.
  5. This awesome downloader is perfectly programmed to work without any trouble for all major internet browsers like IE, Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to Download YouTube to MP4, MOV (almost any video format) with Orbit replacement

Let’s go through a simple walk-through as to how we can make use of this Orbit’s alternative downloading software when one uses it as a MS Windows application.

To begin with, all you need to do is to just download this program and install it on your precious computer, and standby for it to get started at your command.

Step 1 Find videos you like

Firstly, once you have identified your favorite video, click on your mouse to play it. The downloadable sites can be as assorted and diverse like Metacafe, YouTube, Dailymotion or even several others.

Note: You need to open the videos in IE, Chrome and Firefox browsers, which are by far the most conventional browsers found on the internet.

Step 2 Download videos with this Orbit alternative

Now, if you look up at the right top portion of your video, you will be able to visualize a Download button on the screen. Clicking the mouse on this button will make your video get downloaded.

As an alternative practice, one can also copy the video’s URL and Click the Paste URL button on the program.

Note: This program is capable of downloading 10-15 video files simultaneously, so users of this software can choose as many downloads as they like.

orbit downloader alternative

Step 3 Convert videos to any format

Once your video file download gets completed, you can easily play the videos on your computer. But for portable devices, you many need to first convert the videos. Look for your specific video files in the software’s Downloaded library; and then just click the Convert button which is conveniently located on the right hand side of the selected file. With this program, one can choose from a plethora of conversion formats and find the one suitable for your device. Next by selecting the OK button, one can start the conversion process, which takes no more than a few minutes.

orbit alternative

After the accomplishment of the conversion, just transfer the converted file to your preferred device and keep listening to your favorite soundtracks.

This whole process is so uncomplicated that it indeed looks not only trouble-free but also impressive. So instead of waiting any further, just join the bandwagon of this easily downloadable excellent software and without any further thoughts, you can get started.

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