Top 50 Online Radio Stations Recommended

Even though physical radios have become outdated, there are many online radio stations as an second option. In fact, this new trend turns out to be well-received among poeple all around the world. To satisfy your need, here we list top 50 online radio sites that assist you in listening to news, music, talk shows online.

Yahoo! Music Radio

1. Yahoo! Music Radio

Yahoo! Music radio is a sub part of serves as other internet radio service.It has clear channel communication.This application is originally developed by Todd Beaupre and Jeff Boulter.They started this service in November 11 ,1999.That yahoo buy this company.

2. Deezer

Deezer is a awesome music service that delivers an exciting and multi-local music experience to more than 26 million music fans worldwide.The great story of Deezer is above all the story of an online music company and its young founder Daniel Marhely and he wanted to reinvent the way people access their music. This awesome music radio is created by Daniel Marhely c in 2006.



3. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a subsidiary of Escape Media Group and is an online music radio streaming service based in the United States. It has a own search engine, streaming service, and recommendation application.That's why Users can stream and upload music that can be played immediately or added to a playlist

4. is all kind of music recommendation service.It is awesome. You may use by signing up and downloading The Scrobbler, which helps you to hear more music based on the songs you play.Scrobbler sends to to let us know what song you’re playing.

Digitally Imported

5. Digitally Imported

Digitally Imported is a multi-channel online internet radio service that focuses exclusively on Electronic Music and heavey metal music. Our team of curators sift through petabytes of new releases and back catalogs to find only the best from each genre or style. Although it wasn't always like that.

6. Live365

Live365,a online radio station which provides 260+ genres of music and 5000+ broadcasters and music tastemakers.The producers of this radio station is Metheny, Johnny Cash, and Carlos Santana.They are available to all type of devices such as iPhone or Smartphone.



7. SHOUTcast

There is only one free home of internet radio and that is Shoutcast.It is founded in 100 and now role as the largest directories of professionally and they have own a nice and skillful team to operate.Many media players like Winam ,iTunes ,WMP etc are suit with this radio station.

8. Stitcher Radio

If you want to Get the freshest episodes of your favorite podcasts and shows in internet radio Stitcher Radio may be perfect solution for you.They streamed directly to your iPad or Smartphones .This doesn't need downloading anything.It's like plug and play actually connect and hear.

Stitcher Radio


9. Rhapsody

Rhapsody's leading streaming music give ad-free services to their members and give access to more than 32 million various types of songs.They're members listening on at home, their phone,in the car,at work or they take Rhapsody where they go. This company have own expert team of editors create sweet music experience and this is effective for their increased listeners.

10. aol radio

They update posts here regularly with music news, site changes, and new features. There are many categories that have been recently updated such as Spotlight, Gospel etc.

aol radio


11. Slacker

More than 200 programmed stations are available with Slackers.You can pick a genre station and insert the name of artist & music On.They update their database daily and hopefully they have a team which helps on keep serve 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year.They host new artists which is exceptional.

12. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is a Radio Internet radio station which is designed to display the potential of the exciting new way of Internet radio! Pick any channel and click the ""Play"" button - music will start playing just like AM/FM radio, except on AccuRadio you can play next songs, ban artists/songs you don't like and so much more.


Radio Paradise

13. Radio Paradise

RP is a special blend of many styles and genres of music and mostly carefully selected and mixing by two real human . You'll hear modern and classic rock, world music, even a bit of classical and jazz. What you hear are not random computer-generated playlists or mind-numbing musicians.This radio is founded by Bill & Rebecca Goldsmit.

14. SomaFM

SomaFM is now broadcast online and they play a very good role in Online Radio world.They broadcasted from a warehouse in San Fransisco .The name of there founder is Rusty Hodge.He decided to convert a streaming radio station to present in Internet world and he succeed.



15. RauteMusik.FM

RauteMusik (Short Name RM or #Musik) is an online internet radio station which is based Germany. RauteMusik was first start their broadcast on 20th April 2003 with only one main stream.After 4 years of hard working they are now the biggest and most favorite radio of European countries.

16. Afterhours.FM

AH.FM is a famous online radio that plays Trance and Progressive mixes produced exclusively for AH.FM by the Top DJs from around the world.Firstly launched in June 2006 as a project by Dan and AH has grown into the most respected Electronic Dance Music radio station on the Internet. It is Powered by over 220 resident DJs, and supported by a legion of passionate music lovers in the After hours community.



17. Musicovery

People listen to music as to their mood and they want musics suitable to their mode, to reinforce the state they are in or rather to change it. A graphical interface has been made by Musicovery to meet this need, the ""mood pad"": it displays two row axes - dark/ energetic/ positive and calm / etc.According to the mode he can tune it . Anytime user can play it to their desired mode and positions.

18. Radioio

RadioIO, Inc. provides an online internet radio media platform which delivers streamed music anywhere, anytime on internet connected devices. RadioIO’s company has full-service background music and messaging ecosystem supports large franchise businesses .Other vertical markets such aswellness, hospitality, health and retail .



19. Eyepartner

Eyepartner is a exceptional company that makes and implement streaming media solutions designed for the broadcaster which is not technical or producer and new entrepreneur. Eyepartner solutions are friendly to manage and use .They deliver their service at various CMS and it is very helpful.

20. Double J

While listening music online, on your TV, or on digital radio, This radio station is Double J. We’re bringing you a big and various mix of the best new music from Australia and other countries, plus the songs and artists that triple j has championed over the past four decades.

Double J

VirtualDJ Radio

21. VirtualDJ Radio

VirtualDJ radio is a live online radio which is spread around the world.This radio use a software named Virtual Dj .It initialized at 2005 and you can hear hiphop,dancehall, and reggaeton.In 2010 they added more channel to this radio.


The community is a mixture of various type of music superfans and artists, where all artists can share their music for everyone to enjoy there pleasure. You can also listen to a selection of the community's most popular tracks on our Community radio Station and It's made up out of random selection of all the tracks that users have said they truly loved it too much.


23. Fréquence3

This is a french radio, which is for your great listening experience.


It is a world of music which consist of hundreds of top play playlists & lovely 26 million tracks. Their mission is to seamlessly deliver you the best music and they provide the service on every device. There motto is Simple as that.

Bloodstock Radio

25. Bloodstock Radio

There were past times when Rik and I were writing jointly when we almost died laughing. Those were some of the most carefree stupid days I ever had and golden days also, and I feel privileged to have shared them with him. And now he's died for real at a Car Accident. He died Without me. So Selfish bastard.

26. Forge Radio

A award winning student of University of Sheffield broadcast this Forge Radio from the Media Hub in Sheffield Students' Union 24/7.This was established on 1995 and they pass over 120 weeks at Media Hub broadcast and now they are available only on Internet and in all smart devices.

Forge Radio


27. Groovera

Once again Groovera is growing again.After Long-time Groovera listeners all know that the Jet City Lounge (originally FrostByte Groove Lounge, which was the parent of all the channels that Groovera features today.Hopefully Jet City Lounge is still Groovera's flagship radio channel and is our oldest and most popular over time with the playlists continuously growing new channels emerge.


MAQAM is a US-based music production company specialized in Arabic and Middle Eastern media specially songs. This company was established by a small group of Arabic music ,culture lovers, later it forms as a division of 3B Media Inc. "MAQAM" is an Arabic word which meaning a position of high esteem. Thus it also refers to a musical and beautiful mode in Arabic music that is based on the quarter-tone scale


Goom Radio

29. Goom Radio

It is a great radio site for music and you can find many of your favorite artists' songs here.

30. Today's Hot Country

Today's Hot Country is a country music company which is non-commercial .Various classic country music and internet radio station based in Grand Rapids in a part of Michigan. Today's Hot Country started broadcasting in June 2010 under it's previous format and they provide fresh contents to their listeners everyday.

Today's Hot Country

The Scope (radio)

31. The Scope (radio)

Ryerson University's new campus and community has consist of a great online radio and it's name is The Scope.This includes a variety of programming from the university and community at simple and large programs with a package of NCRA program interchange.They provide 6 hours original content every day.

32. Dandelion Radio

This radio site, named after Dandelion Records, is the label Peel ran from 1969-1973.We wish if We could tell you that we're bored with automated and formatted radio, and yearn for the days when DJs made it up as they went along, like we do. Hopely we will overcome all problems.

Dandelion Radio


Hitz radio is a name of defunct internet radio station.It was formed by Ryan Dunlop in 2006 at Ayrshire, Scotland.This radio station is now a part of Hitz Media Group Ltd. Dunlop was very successful to this radio station as he had over 80000 listeners in 2003. Tranding standards investigate their claims and questions.And they seize this famous station.

34. Subcity Radio

The Internet radio community of University of Glasgow own's a independent and non-profit Radio station.It steps forward to create a unique radio.Their content is produced by 200 independent artist.They doesn't follow playlists and ultimately in charge of there own output.This station target unique content and that is free to users.

Subcity Radio

New Normal Music

35. New Normal Music

New Normal Music is an online music radio which is driven by listeners 24/7. A highly interactive radio station programms the best new indie music based in sweet melody and song craftsmanship. The beginning part of Tom Leykis’s New Normal Network was created by Tom along and another person named Art Webb and they launched the radio station on 2010 ,1st july.


This site offers ease of use and a music reliable delivery system. The WXB on the Internet started its live and exclusive webcast operations at Live365 with a handful of listeners. Usually we would open with just about 3 listeners and average about a dozen listeners.


Penwith Radio

37. Penwith Radio

Penwith Radio begins with a car journey. Chris Goninan and a local councilor and hard worker for the community, was on car around the Penwith area with Nick and an Adult Care with Support officer.Nick told to Chris about his thinks of just how isolated and lonely many of the people in the area how they were feeling. That's how the Penwith Radio born on 2005

38. Radio Regent

Radio Regent is a famous broadband radio station which is publicly accessible to Regent Park's households as an voice stream on a dedicated closed circuit popular television channel ( Rogers cable companies customers only). The radio broadband station began broadcasting on January 1, 2012 and is established at the Regent Park

Radio Regent

Kube Radio

39. Kube Radio

This Station was founded in 1993, KUBE Radio or its broad name is Keele University Broadcasting Enterprise, to give it its full title) has grown from a cupboard-based transmitting club to an internationally recognized and listened from Internet radio station. The original KUBE studio was a X-student flat, and the station broadcast on 107.9FM which is limited to a certain area and on 10 restricted service licenses between 1998 and 2004. While Starting An intranet service to all on campus students was Started March 2003, and in September 2004 KUBE moved to full Internet broadcasting .

40. LifeJive Radio

LifeJive Radio is a online radio community of various radio stations broadcasting though world wide for 365 days and These Stations range from classical rock to European chill and soft music. Now they have 7 stations broadcasting, check their website to tune in.

LifeJive Radio

Mutiny Radio

41. Mutiny Radio

Mutiny Radio is a non-profit ,collective-run community radio station which located at the storefront in the Mission District of San Francisco. They host and broadcast live musical performances, comedy,poetry, theater and interviews with the artists, activists and thinkers that live , work simultaneously or come through the Bay Area and they deserve to be heard.

42. Radio23 is a free radio station, providing chances for broadcasters. This radio explores all music and culture.


Retro Rewind

43. Retro Rewind

This is a very successful radio station providing all kinds of information that you will like.

44. WLIR

WLIR is a famous internet radio station and it plays the new music,modern rock which was originally heard on WLIR.The original spirit of WLIR is saved with the music mix and personalise .As example we can say Larry the Duck, Malibu Sue, and Denis McNamara .They perform there radio for many years.


GridStream Productions

45. GridStream Productions

GridStream Productions was established in May of 2002 by Lan Tarryk Kozar and with a few friends within the virtual world of Anarchy Online (AO), an MMORPG directed by Funcom. While At the time they were one of the first MMORPG radio stations on the internet world and helped to pioneer the concept of broadcasting radio from within a virtual world.This GridStream Productions (GSP) is believed to be the oldest Radio MMORPG radio station still broadcasting.

46. Nigerian Webradio

A online Radio named Nigerian Webradio was first established in 2006 with the aim of broadcasting Nigeria music, news and home-made entertainment to millions of Nigerians living outside the of African country Nigeria. All Nigerians all over the world have a proud feeling of home away from home where everyday they may be on the surface of the earth.

Nigerian Webradio

Affinity Radio

47. Affinity Radio

Who doesn't love Radio and We love the old style Pirate Radio sound of the 60s ,70s and 80s. Affinity Radio achieved this. Presenters love their music and have lovely hand when choosing their play lists.We can offer variation that "terrestrial" stations can't achieve!

48. RadioVerve

The only place on Internet for the best of Independent music in India round clock on whole world. You can Pick any kind of music that you would like to listen to so please sit back and enjoy. You can drop us a line at music at radioverve dot com or leave a comment in the box and we will connect you asap.



49. Radioseven

Radioseven is based on a organization and it is non-profit. It developed it's service for years as it is start from the small web based hobby station and now it is one of the largest one in Sweden. The people passed there time with pleasure .Maximum users are at the range of 15 to 35 years.

50. The Growl

Cameron Avery was formed as a band and after somedays their band had broken up. This has two drummers named Brian Lucey .He is the founder of this Radio Station.They meet agatin on this radio and make a international tour in 2012 and 2013.The listener are usually used to listen only their song.

The Growl

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