Top 25 Free Internet Radio Sites to Stream Music at Ease

Apart from streaming music sites likr Spotify, you can also find music from a lot of internet radio sites like Pandora. Those sites let you listen to a great variety of songs according to one artist, song or album you select or type in. Let's find one radio site you will love from the list below and start to enjoy the tune.

#1. Pandora


With nearly fifteen years of quality radio, Pandora works on the Music Genome Project and provide a comprehensive and exhaustive run of harmonic and enjoyable music each day.

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#2. Slacker

With a massive range of music to pick from and more than two-hundred stations that not even paid-for tools like Spotify can get anywhere near, Slacker provides music lovers with somewhere to hear music both new and old

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#3. Grooveshark


Seen as a healthy alternative to Spotify, it's a free version that has an ever-growing library. Whatever your tastes and styles when it comes to music, Grooveshark will have something you like.

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Last FM is free, huge and outstanding. Personalize your music taste quickly and easily with a refined search tool that can make your life so much easier - this is one of the prmium music services online at the moment.

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#5. Live365


Providing access to five thousand different radio stations which are actually manned by a DJ, you get authentic and varied musical enjoyment from using a service like this - it's the perfect solution for finding music you actually enjoy in genres you miss hearing!

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#6. SHOUTcast


With more than 800,000 people online using Shoutcast at any one time and over 50,000 radio stations this is oen of the most diverse radio hubs anywhere on the web. From techno to classical, this has everything you could possibly need.

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#7. AccuRadio


AccuRadio is the perfect companion for the working day - it has a huge selection of channels and best of all it's totally free to join and use on the go. The perfect companion for the cost-effective music fan.

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#8. 8tracks


Making use of tags to bring you easy playlists full of the tunes you love and will love in the future, this is the perfect app for finding new music after listening to the same album one time too many.

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#9. Jango


Jango is a free music player with a stunning collection of artists from those you can't escape to people you may never hear of before and after on Jango! Sort your music by genre, style, theme or decade - it's all up to you.

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#10. aol radio

aol radio

aol radio, great Slacker equivalent, has literally millions of songs to pick from with thousands of artists all waiting for you to hear their tracks. It's a very simple tool and if you have used Slacker in the past you will find this an absolute breeze.

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#11. Deezer


Much like Spoify, Deezer is a 4G compatible music player that can stream audio for you on the go. With a variety of subscription plans avialable you can get the quality you need at the cost you deserve.

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#12. TuneIn


TuneIn is a stunning app for clicking into your favorite radio shows and podcasts. It has a massive collection of literally hundreds of thousands of stations and pods, perfect for catching up and of course tuning in.

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#13. Rhapsody


Want to make your own radio station? Create your own playlists that people can enjoy from their homes, too? Rhapsody if one of the kings of the radio app world and with a huge variety of subscriptions avaialble, as well as a 30-day free trial, you can find everything you need for one of the best music players about here.

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#14. Musicovery


A fun play on the word discovery, this is a bright and cheery app that is perfect for finding music that is in your frame of mind and style - if you are struggling to find some good tunes to listen to, this is the place to visit - it can find something perfect for you!

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#15. comes with the name you would expect - it has a series of playlists to choose form uploaded by users. You can even do the same, just put your favorite tunes together and upload away!


Rara is an on the go music player that is not only compatible with all your usual social media kits, but it's also massively user-friendly. With over 22 million tracks to pick from and counting, you'll find it impossible not to get a song or artist you like through here!

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#17. SomaFM


Soma FM is a little bit diferent to your usual radio channels. Then is an independent radio system with over 7,000 regular listeners, and it offers no advertisements and only takes kind donations from those who want to pay in. It's a brilliant radio station and also ffeatures a host of podcasts and playlists.

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Shuffler is a unique little tool. Not only does it provide you with a huge database of music to pick from and enjoy on the go, but there is plenty of TV-related playlists made up so if you are looking for music from your favorite show you might find it here.

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BlinkBox is powered by supermarket giant TESCOs and provides a huge variety of blog posts, music stations and great music to listen to. Looking for an alternative to the usual choices out there? This might just be for you. Always growing and improving, BlinkBox is becoming really popular for a reason!

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#20. Sky.FM


SkyFM is a free app which gives you a mobile ready, extremely versatile option to listening to your music. Sick of the traditional options out there that cost you money and don'tgive you the best selection they possible can? Then SkyFM mihtj ust be for you. Provideds you with a huge range of channels to pick from to get the muic you love now.

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#21. iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio

iHeart is a great radio station that lets you pick the songs you want to listen to based on your mood. As well as this, you can pick up classic shows that they have put on in the past on an 'On-Demand' system which is absolutely perfect for reliving your favorite shows you hear on site quickly and easily.

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#22. GotRadio


GotRadio provides four key stations - Indigo, DownHome, Meta and AllIn - and they all play different genres of music. Whatever your style is and what your favourite tunes are, you will find them here in a great radio station that can be used on the go or at home.


DiFM - stands for Digitally Imported - is a great electronica station that lets you pick from over 60 unique music channels providing you with different styles of electronic music. Perfect for the music fans out there who want something a little bit different and are sick of the sae DJs over and over again.

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#24. Radio Tuna

Radio Tuna

Looking for a quick, easy to use and really reliable only radio site? Look no further. RadioTuna is really easy to use in terms of finding the radio stations and the music that you love today. There's so many stations out there you may simply have not found theo ne that you will listen to constantly.

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#25. 1.FM


1.FM is a radio station for all music lovers. It has all of the traditional genres covered as well as some that we have never even heard of! It produces top quality radio connectivity leaving you with a clear signal all day while you dance to the music you love the most.

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