How To Find Album Artwork

Do you have a large music library but the music files are unorganized? Are all of your music files on iTunes or they’re partially stored on the PC? Would you like to tidy up your music library and find album artwork such as the name of artist, year of release, lyrics and much more?

You can also edit and embed the album artwork retrieved to your music files with TidyMyMusic for Mac. Let it take care of the duplicate files too. Simply refer to the steps below for more instructions. It won’t take too long for you to have a complete makeover of your music library.

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Step 1: Refresh music library (or upload music files)

In the navigation pane on your left, you’ll be able to view music files that‘s stored in iTunes in Tidy iTunes. You can also edit the available information by clicking the Pencil icon on the right-hand side of the interface.

refresh music library

As for those stored in your Mac drive, you’ll need to drag-and-drop it into Tidy Music and edit the available album artwork information the same way.

upload music files

Step 2: Find album artwork (and edit retrieved album artwork)

Once you’ve refreshed your music library or uploaded the music files, you can proceed to perform a scan on your music library. You can either choose to Search for Unidentified Songs, Search for Duplicated Songs, or do both at the same time. After that, click on Scan. The software will automatically retrieve the album artwork for each song during the scanning process.

find album artwork

You’ll be able to view the number of songs that’s been identified as well as duplicate files on top of the interface. You can highlight a file at a time or simply highlight all and then Apply the retrieved album artwork to each of them.

retrieve album artwork

Alternatively, do it one by one and then edit the information retrieved as you go along.

edit music file

Step 3: Search and delete duplicate files

The batch processing also works for the duplicate files. As shown in the screenshot, your duplicate files will be indicated by a and X, representing higher quality for the former and lower for the latter. All you have to do is click on Dedupe to delete the duplicate files.

duplicate files

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