How to Add ID3 Tags to MP3 Files with Ease

If you are a huge fan of digital music, you may not be unfamiliar with the information of the MP3 files, such as track name, artist, release year and even album art. This kind of information is all included in the ID3 tag, which is a kind of metadata used to describe the MP3 file and is always embedded in the file. But unfortunately, mismatched or missing tags may be quite common in your big music collection. Then how to add ID3 tags to all the MP3 files easily? Here is a solution to help you out. The Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac (Wondershare TidyMyMusic) automatically finds ID3 tags in batch for your whole music library. What’s more, it also gives you the ability to edit the ID3 tags by yourself. Download it to install on your Mac and then check out the following step-by-step guide.

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1 Import your music library to TidyMyMusic

When you open the program after installation, it will scan your iTunes library and get all the music in. And the program will do the scanning and importing every time you re-open it.

add id3 tag

Note: You may have music that is not managed by iTunes. Go to Tidy Music and drag the music folder to the file tray or click the Open File button to add the music in.

2 Find ID3 tag for the MP3 files

Go to the header part of the program’s window. Tick the Search for Unidentified Songs and click the Scan button. Then this program will start to find ID3 tag for all your music.

add id3 tag to mp3

If you have a huge music library, we suggest you use the scanning function while you can still select just one song and click the Identify button on the bottom right to find its ID3 tag.

3 Add ID3 tags to the songs

When the program finished the searching process, you can select one song and compare its ID3 tag in the right column. If the newly found information is what you need, you can click the Apply button on the bottom to embed the ID3 tag to the MP3 file. It will be faster if you select several songs and apply at the same time.

add id3 to mp3

Note: If you want to edit the ID3 tag by yourself, it is easy. Select one song and click the Edit icon in the right column. Then all the information in the right column will change to be editable. Change the album art by dragging an image to the album art area and type in any words to fill in the editing field of other information.

Hesitate no more. You should give this program a go and head in for a wonderful music experience.

Download Mac Version Download Win Version

Here is a video tutorial to check:

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