Top 10 Dailymotion downloads for mobile

Mobilephones are a part of our daily life and we conduct a lot many activities usingthem. Among these, downloading and listening to music videos or movie videos isone. Since YouTube or Dailymotion doesn’t allow users to download videosdirectly, we use other available downloaders to do the same.

Part 1: Top 5 Dailymotion downloaders for iPhone

Someof the best Dailymotion downloader apps to download videos on iPhone are listed below:

1.Video Download Browser

Simple and easy to use application.A single-touch facility to download videos from almost every video sharing site.Supports Dailymotion video (.m3u8) format, but sadly the videos cannot betransferred to the camera roll on your iPhone. A passcode lock option to savethe application is provided. A very unique feature is the Air-play mode thatallows users to play videos on other devices using Air-Play option. It isavailable for free.

Download here

dailymotion downloader apps - Video Download Browser

2. iDownloader – Downloads and Download Manager:

Free to downloadand use, iDownloader allows users to download videos for iPhone; it also allowspeople to download documents, audio files. The built-in browser in theapplication allows download via one touch and force touch. Multiple,simultaneous downloads to the amount of 50 is possible. A file manager and anamazing file viewer are its additional features.

Download here

dailymotion downloader apps - iDownloader

3. Best Videodownloader:

Again a free Dailymotion mobile video downloader application, ithas some very unique features. Even when the application is closed, users canplay download and playback the videos. When the timer counts down to zero, theapplication goes off to sleep mode.

Download here

dailymotion downloader apps - Best Videodownloader

4. Video DownloadPro – Free Video download:

With a very easyto use interface, this one allows users to create a passcode to protect theapplications. Among its best features is the ability to export to the cameraroll applications. Users can download videos of more than 20mb with 3G.

Download here

dailymotion downloader apps - Video DownloadPro

5. VideoDownloader - Download Manager & Media Player

A freeapplication, it has built-in media player to play the videos. The downloadersupports multiple formats and provides security to lock the videos. The videos canbe transferred to camera roll and also to Mac or Windows PC using Wi-FiTransfer option from the settings.

Download here

dailymotion downloader apps - VideoDownloader

Part 2: Top 5 Dailymotion downloaders for Android

Among theones that are available in the market, we have listed below the top 5.

1. Dailymotion:

This videosharing website also has its own app that allows users to download videos totheir Android phones. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Todownload, visit the Dailymotion website and click “extras” and proceed. Oncedownloaded, users can launch the program to look for the video of their choice.When you begin to play the video, you will notice a downward pointing arrow onthe top right corner. Clicking on it will begin the download to yourAndroid.

dailymotion downloader apps - Dailymotion

Download here

2. Video Grabber

This app allows you to download videos to your Android phone from Daily-motion.Compatiblewith all Android devices in the market. Users can download the app and afterinstallation, play videos which automatically ask the user for his choice.

dailymotion downloader apps - Video Grabber

Download here

3. Video Player for Dailymotion:

It helpsthe user listen, watch, manage and sync the music videos and can do it evenwithout an internet connection (using a cache mode). Users can search and playvideos, view history of watched videos, play videos in background. It has auser friendly interface that keeps the most frequently used features availablefor immediate access and is available in multiple languages.

dailymotion downloader apps - Video Player for Dailymotion

Download here

4. All Video Grabber 2

This one allows users to download videos from Dailymotion. Once installed, users can open videos using their browser and click on “Option>Share”. Selecting “All Grabber” from the list, open the application and click Grab.

dailymotion downloader apps - All Video Grabber 2

Download here

5. TubeMate YouTube Downloader:

TubeMate YouTube Downloader for automaton is simple to transfer and install. After that, users will launch a pursuit on the videos they need to transfer from YouTube. All they need to try and do is to follow guides. This application allows a fast downloading of videos that may be directly saved in your automaton portable. it's conjointly full of multiple choices to customize your transfer. Downloading many files right away will be done simply. Not solely it will search and transfer video files from YouTube however may play them before and once transfer. With TubeMate YouTube Downloader for automaton, users may produce their own playlists. Info regarding the video being downloaded or contend is additionally out there via the application's interface. Over and higher than, TubeMate YouTube Downloader for automaton conjointly supports ID3 tags for more info regarding the creative person, title, album, etc.

Download here

dailymotion downloader apps - TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Part 3: Best Dailymotion downloader

WondershareAllMyTube - The Best Dailymotion downloader

There areplenty of video downloaders available for mobile phones. Some of these appshave features that most others have. Since these days, we need our Androidphones to do almost everything we used to do on the PC, these downloaders are abig help. While some are free, others provide both free and charged versions.Depending on the importance of one’s video watching passion or need, as thecase may be, they may choose one that is feature rich and provides immenseentertainment, while being easy to use and friendly.

One of thebest Dailymotion downloader is AllMyTube, considering the above aspects. It iseasy and allows fast download, almost 3X times faster than other downloaders. Itworks not only with Dailymotion, but also with YouTube, Facebook, etc. Thesoftware comes with a converter that will help users to convert their videofiles to MP3 for use in any device of their choice, including Android phones.Additionally, one can transfer videos without the use of a USB cable.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Key Features:

  • 1. From more than 10000+ sites, downloads can be done. In addition to Dailymotion, downloads can be made from the sites like AOL, MegaVideo, Metacafe, Break. Vimeo, and BlipTV.
  • 2. Download can be made in 3X speed.
  • 3. The most coolest, and amazing feature of this application is you can convert your video in other file format like MP4, .MKV, etc.
  • 4. This application allows you to download using popular browsers like Firefox, chrome and IE.
  • 5. Downloads can be done in various ways. A method can be selected according to the requirement of users.
  • 6. This is embedded with manager, task scheduler and players so you can do more than just downloading with this application.
  • 7. More than 150 video formats come under your range.
  • 8. Due to presence of video player, video can be played from the library quite easily.
  • 9. Videos are saved automatically in the library.
  • 10. Use this application to download your favorite video from online video streaming sites without any hassle and less time consumption.
  • 11. These videos can be shared with friends through Twitter and Facebook.
  • 12. Videos can be transferred in to portable devices as well.
  • 13. It is very simple to use as its user interface is not that complicated as it has only selected options on user interface.
  • 14. It has an integrated video player that allows you to watch your video right away.

dailymotion downloader apps - for iphone 1

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