Instagram Converter, choosing the right one.

Instagram is a popular photo sharing network that allows user to easily shot, upload and share personal images through social media. But, it is also a place that you can upload and share short videos up to 15 seconds long. Unfortunately this can often only be easily done using the Instagram App. External files are often not compatible for Instagram use. Getting these external videos to the correct format to be able to be uploaded and viewed on Instagram often leaves users frustrated and annoyed. There is an easy solution for you to be able to format, upload share and even edit your videos for Instagram.

Part 1:What is an Instagram Converter?

An Instagram converter can come in a number of forms, from apps to software programs. The basic functions of an Instagram converter is to convert your video files to the proper format that is supported by Instagram. It should convert the audio and video files of a variety of file formats such as MOV, MP4 AVI and more to the Instagram video format making it possible to easily upload many of your external video files to share on Instagram.

Part 2: How To Choose An Instagram Convert?

There are a number of Instagram converters that promote easy video conversions for Instagram uploading. Some of these converters come as free apps or download while others may cost you for a full software program. There are obviously pros and cons for free and paid Instagram video converters. When choosing how to convert your videos for Instagram there are some some key features you want to ensure your Instagram converter possess so you do not end up wasting time trying to convert a video that the program or software can not properly format. Before you try out any Instagram Converter make sure they can perform these basic functions:

  • 1) The Instagram converter you choose should be able to convert a variety of files. Most will be able to easily handle older file format types such as MOV, OGG, WMV, AVI and a few others but with newer formats like HD, 4K and 3D most converters can not input these files. HD and 4K are becoming highly popular formats for video files and wasting your time with a converter that is not compatible with these formats will just lead to more frustrations. The Instagram converter should also be able to convert DV or DVD clips to Instagram format as well.
  • 2) Find a converter that also allows you to download videos from other websites such as YouTube. Being able to easily convert your YouTube videos to share over Instagram should be an easy process and the Instagram Convert you choose should be able to do this simple function.
  • 3) Instagram videos that are displayed only run for 15 seconds so your Instagram converter should have at least basic editing functions. Trimming and cropping are the two necessary editing tools your converter needs to be able to perform but having additional options is also a highly recommended factor.
  • 4) Even at 15 seconds your video file can be quite large so finding a converter that can compress your files to a smaller size can be highly beneficial. Unfortunately this can often lead to a loss of picture quality, so the Instagram converter needs to be able to compress the file size without affecting the quality of the video too negatively.
  • 5) Instagram primarily relies on mobile use and not every video you want to upload will be on your phone. You want to make sure you can easily transfer the video files that are on your desktop or laptop to your mobile phone. For more convenience the converter should have WiFi capabilities that allows you to easily transfer your video files to your phone.

Part 3:Instagram Converter Suggestions:

It may be a lot of trial and error before you find the right Instagram converter, you might want to start with these suggestions first.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
If you want a higher quality video to share and a much wider range of editing options than Wondershare is the program you want to invest in. This all in one program allows you to convert even the latest file formats for Instagram, download videos from YouTube. and offers user friendly editing tools to produce a professional video. This is one of the fastest operating program that can easily convert videos 30 times faster than many other programs or software. It can also compress files without losing picture quality. Wondershare also provides excellent customer support with your purchase. For an all in one versatile video converter Wondershare is the best option available for beginners and experts alike.

Freemake Video Converter
Freemake offers a versatile platform for you to be able to perform a number of functions to convert you videos for Instagram sharing. Freemake offers a some features for editing your videos such as cutting, rotating and joining together clips as well. One drawback however is the slow upload speeds.

Magisto Video Editor
This Video Editing app allows you create your own personal Instagram videos for free. It is a simple app that creates a video from your pictures or video clips. Magisto is available for Android devices as well as iOS.

For YourTube Video Conversion To Instagram this free site allows you to enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to download. You can do this from your phone or desktop. If you download it from your desktop you then need to email the file to yourself so you can open it on your mobile phone and then upload to Instagram. You have limited control on how to edit this YouTube video, but can get you from YouTube to Instagram simply. Go to to download your favorite YouTube videos.

To conclude, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best instagram converters.

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