How to Take Audio from YouTube Video

“How do you take the audio from a youtube video and make it into an mp3? there are a lot of live performances and/or videos of youtube users that do not yet have record labels who id like to put on cd. i was wondering how i can take a video and somehow make an mp3 from the audio? any help would be greatly appreciated, i will be back to award a best answer. thanks in advance!”-- Csjunkiee

If you have the same problem with Csjunkiee, you are in the right place to find a great solution. Here is the Streaming Audio Recorder, which enables you to take audio from YouTube directly in the format of MP3. In another word, you don’t need to download the YouTube videos first and then convert to the MP3 format. Want to have a try? Let’s check it out below.

1 Install Streaming Audio Recorder

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

First of all, let’s get this program installed on your computer. There are two versions while the focus in this article is the windows version. After installation, run the program.

2 Start to take audio from YouTube video

Notice a Record button on the primary window? Click it and go to play a YouTube video. Then the program starts taking YouTube audio. Make sure the video plays smoothly. And of course, you should play one video at a time. But you can keep playing a YouTube playlist while the software can detect each piece of audio according to the silence time.

take audio from youtube video

3 Transfer to portable devices

The audio taken from YouTube videos is in the format of MP3, so you can play directly in most media players on computers and portable devices. Here is a way for you to transfer the audio to portable devices.

Select the audio file in the Library window and click the Add to iTunes button on the bottom. Then the file can be transferred to iTunes displaying in the SAR playlist. With iTunes, you can sync to any of your Apple devices.

For other devices, it’s not necessary for you to add to iTunes. You can right-click the audio file and select Open in Folder to find where the file is saved. Then drag and drop to your devices.

take audio from youtube videos

Note: Add to iTunes button is not available in the Mac version. You need to first find where the audio file is stored on your Mac computer.

Other than taking audio from YouTube video, this program also allows you to make ringtones, create playlist and edit the information about the audio file. So you should have one on your computer and enjoy music cozily from now on.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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