How to Convert Streaming Video to MP3?

A streaming video means a video is being playing directly from the internet, not from your computer. Therefore, you can't play it offline unless you download the streaming video to your PC. Converting streaming video to MP3 means you extract audio from streaming video to MP3, with no image but audio.

You might choose to download streaming video by using a tool first, and then convert audio from streaming video to MP3 by using another tool. No, guys! It's too complicated, isn't it? What's worse, the converting process might cause audio loss during the Streaming Video to MP3 conversion.

Here, I'll share a simple and high-efficient way to help you convert streaming video to MP3. The reliable streaming video to MP3 converter I adopt is streaming audio recorder.

It's designed to record audio and directly save it in MP3 file as the streaming video plays through your computer's sound card. Therefore, you can use it to record streaming video to MP3 without any loss in audio. Have interested? Please go on.

Step 1: Install and run streaming video to MP3 converter

This streaming video to MP3 converter is available here by clicking the below link. After download, install and launch it.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 2: Play a streaming video

Find and play a streaming video you want to record in your browser. In order to ensure the streaming video can be completely recorded in one MP3 file, you'd better make sure this streaming video can play smoothly during recording. Just press "Pause" to make it fully buffer as soon as the video begins to play.

Step 3: Start to convert streaming video to MP3

After it finishes 100% buffer, click the "Record" button in the upper left corner of this app's main interface. Then press the "play" button to play the streaming video. When the playing of the streaming video is over, an audio file in MP3 will automatically generate in the library.

convert streaming video to MP3

It's done! If you wonder where the MP3 file is saved on your PC, you can right-click the file to select the "Open in folder" option.

It's easy, isn't it? To convert streaming video to MP3 in this way, you don't need to download the streaming video first. It will save you a lot of time and money. Of course, this app also makes you enable to extract audio from video stored on your PC to MP3 with good quality.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Extra tip: After downloading all these MP3 files from streaming video, you may use iTunes to organize the songs. But the songs should have complete information. Here is a recommended tool to help. Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac fixes the mislabeled songs in your iTunes library and even downloads album arts and lyrics to embed in the MP3 files. What's more, it can help remove duplicated songs. Download one to have a try. You're gonna love it.

convert streaming video to MP3

You can download this program below:

Download Mac Version

They're downloading



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