How to Convert Napster to MP3

There are mainly two reasons for users who want to convert Napster to MP3.

1. Most purchased Napster songs can be enjoyed on some popular digital music players like Apple iPod. They want to convert the Napster music to MP3 for entertainment on the go.

2. Users can probably download Napster songs in varieties of file types, such as MP3, WAV, AAC and WMA etc. So some want to convert Napster to MP3 for wide compatibility and convenient usage.

For whatever reason you have, here, I'll introduce two simple and doable methods to help you do this job 100% successfully.

Solution one: convert Napster MP3 using a Napster to MP3 converter

streaming audio recorder is designed to record audio and directly save it in MP3 file as Napster song plays through your computer's sound card. So, you can use it to convert any Napster songs, either directly from Napster website or from your local disk. And the effect is very great. It can convert Napster to MP3 at amazing speed, as well as good quality.

Just download and install it to have a try. The Napster to MP3 conversion is just two simple steps.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Note: You can refer to a detailed tutorial by clicking here: How to Convert Napster to iTunes (The first two steps in Part 1).

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Solution two: convert Napster MP3 for free via iTunes

Note: If your Napster songs are already in iTunes or are able to be imported into iTunes successfully, this method is your best choice. If not, just adopt the solution one decidedly.

1. Launch iTunes.

2. Go to "File">"Add to library", navigate to the folder containing all of your Napster songs, then find and import the ones you want to convert into the itunes music library.

3. Create a new playlist in iTunes. You have two ways to do this. Go to "File">"New Playlist" Or click the "Plus" icon in the bottom-left corner. Name the new playlist "Napster Songs".

4. Drag and drop the Napster songs from iTunes library into the "Napster Songs" playlist. Open the playlist. You'll see all Napster songs you want to convert here.

5. Now, you need to set encoding setting as MPE encoder in iTunes. To do this, you can click "Edit">"Preferences" (For Mac, go to "iTunes">"Preferences"), hit the "General" tab, select "Import Settings">"MP3 Encoder" in the "Import Using" option.

6. Highlight all the Napster songs in the "Napster Songs" playlist, right-click, choose the "Create MP3 version" option from the popping-up menu. After a while, the Napster to MP3 conversion will be finished.

It's done! With the help of iTunes app, you can convert Napster to MP3 for free. But if you fail to do the conversion in this way or you can't download Napster music to your computer, in this situation, a great Napster to MP3 converter is your best choice to help you convert Napster to MP3 effortlessly.

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