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At Wondershare, we believe technology can do amazing things. That's why we make selected Wondershare software titles available for donation to schools around the world. In the hands of students, technology can inspire & ignite imagination in and out of the classroom. Wondershare software stimulates students to think creatively as they develop, implement, and effectively communicate new thoughts and ideas. Moreover, the right technology resources in the classroom can be a powerful force that unlocks exciting opportunities for young people to help achieve their life-goals and accelerate their positive impact on the world we live in.

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A Glance at Schools We Have Donated to

  • Centerville High School

  • Sacramento City College

  • Meridian High School

"We are always looking to expand the opportunities available to our students and without Wondershare's generous donation, we would not have been able to budget for this quality movie-making solution in the classroom."

--Joshua Jacoby of Yeshiva University High School


Q: How can Wondershare help my organization? What resources are available to me?
A: Presently, Wondershare is donating only software that it produces. Please see list above for details on what Wondershare products are currently available.
Q: Is there a limit on how much software my school can receive through the Wondershare Software Donation program?
A: There is no limit to how many copies can be donated; it’s reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You can request software for a single classroom, a whole school, even an entire district.
Q: Does Wondershare provide software donations internationally?
A: Generally yes, however the rules vary from country to country. If your locality allows commercial companies to donate software for use in schools, Wondershare will be happy to consider the request.
Q: Are home-school environments eligible to receive donated software?
A: At present, Wondershare is donating to accredited public, private, and charter Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Pubic and private community colleges, 4-year University, and accredited trade schools are also encouraged to apply.