How To Download Music From Youtube On Android

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system among smart phones. Previously developed by Android Inc, is now currently owned by Google. having the largest installed base worldwide on smartphone, it is also the most popular operating system having superb touch screen,cellular,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,GPS mobile navigation,camera,video camera,speech recognition,voice recorder,music player,near field communicationandinfrared blaster . For Music Enthusiasts Android is a wonderful platform to carry their music collection on their tablet/ mobile phone. With every version, the multimedia function betters in quality and durability. As you-tube is one of the most visited sites on the internet, downloading from you-tube to your android is the next thing that comes to mind. Here we shall explain some besy options on how to download music from YouTube on android.

Part 1: Solutions for how to download music from You Tube on android

With the incredible number of downloading options available on the internet, there are a number of tools that can be used like “YTD downloader” that can be conveniently used to download a video quickly while “Ultra jet” that can even feature an embedded player. However, if someone wants to engage with a high quality music experience, then Wondershare Software is undeniably the right choice to go for. Let’s see what makes Wondershare software ideal in its own way

Solution 1: Using Wondershare TunesGo to download

Wondershare TunesGo is a complete, multi-purpose software that also provides free downloading of music from any online source. The process of music downloading from any online music source transferring it to your android is never an issue with Tunes Go as it can easily support YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and many others.

A few handy features of this music downloader specially include:

· Tunes Go can invariably transfer any music without any device limitation.

· The software facilitates you to manually tag your music, change cover art, delete duplicates, and remove missing/broken tracks. Your music collection is now perfect.

· It can thoroughly scan your library and repair any track which needs to be fixed.

· TunesGo builds rightly tuned playlists suitable to anymood and occasions.

· It enables you to connect with multiple devices and manage their data on the same interface as well as transfer music between different devices and OS platform

· It automatically converts unsupported formats to compatible ones and plays the music

Solution 2: Using Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

Wondershare Streaming recorder is a classic online recording system with automatic recording and many other unique features. It is designed to record any audio be it any online music, radio and podcasts or even online chats etc. It can inevitably be another neat answer onhow to download musicfrom YouTube on android.

An array of its exclusive features is:

· Through this cool audio recorder, one can automatically record music with splitted audio tracks.

· An access to 1000 different online music resources with copyright laws to record music, also defines as one its marvelous features

· Like Wondershare Tunes Go, this audio recorder also supports audio recording from popular online resources like You-tube, Pandora, Spotify Google music and many more.

· Features like filtering options and ID tags editor are highly appreciative. As with the former one can omit the ads in the recording process and the later serves one of the best ways to manually edit tags, add or delete, or even rename files or replace characters.

· Pain free burnings CD can make music enthusiasts to create their own personal Audio CD.

Part 2: Step by Step Guide to know on how to download music from You Tube on android using TunesGo Download

The following process shall help to understand onhow to download music from You Tube on androidusing the Wondershare TunesGo software.

Step 1: The Wondershare TunesGo software should be first installed on your device. This can be seen with an image like interface that actually represents the main menu of the software.

Step 2: After installing, you can see a “Get Music” on the left hand side menu of the interface, below that select “Download”

Step 3: Next, Select You tube to download your favorite track from all the other music downloading sites that appears. You can play your favorite track and copy-paste it’s URL on TunesGo.

Step 4: Download should start automatically. You can view the downloading progress at the same time on your computer screen.

Step 5:After the downloading completes, a notification will appear at the left side of the interface menu on the “Downloaded” option.

Step 6: You can find the downloaded track under the “Downloaded” option in the TunesGo main menu

Step 7: Set up a connection with a USB Cable, with your PC and the android device. After successful connection, your android device will be traceable in “Device” section on the home page of TunesGo interface.

Step 8: For the transfer, select the tracks that you would like to transfer to your Android device from the tracks listed under the downloaded option. Now on the top menu go to the option of “Export” which will show a drop down menu and from here select the Android device where you can transfer the selected songs

Step 9: you can check the same, by going to the “Device” option on left side of the menu and under that select your Android device and then click on “Music” which will take you to the list of songs transferred.

How To Download Music From Youtube On Android


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