How to Download Napster Music with Napster Music Downloader

Want to enjoy Napster music more freely, specifically speaking, want to download music from Napster and transfer to your phone, MP3 players or any audio player for playback? If you do, you can find the best solution here. This article is a step-by-step tutorial for how to download music from Napster without any limitation. It only takes 2 steps to do the Napster music download. Let's see what they are.

First, you should know that music tool is indispensable in music downloading. This time we're not going to use any downloader. Instead, we use one recorder, specifically, streaming audio recorder. It is the music recorder we use to do the recording thing. You might say there are hundreds of recorders or downloaders, why it is Streaming Audio Recorder? We use it, because it really does a job in Napster music reordering. It is able to download music from Napster in 1:1quality and tag songs with artists, album covers and names. And the whole process could be done automatically.

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1 Download, install and launch the streaming audio recorder

Click the "Free download" link to get the app. Then click the .exe file to install it. During the process of installation, you should tick "Launch Streaming Audio Recorder right now". Or you can click the desktop icon to run it.

2 Download music from Napster

To ensure that you can get a completed song, please click the "Record" button first and then access to Napster, find the song you need to download and play it. See, how the streaming audio recorder works its magic. It begins to catch notes instantly. And when it finishes recording, a prompt will tell you the song is successfully downloaded. To stop the recording, click the "Record" again. During the recording process, you could see that the artist, album name and cover are automatically tagged for you.

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3 Transfer Napster music to iTunes (optional)

Select the songs you're going to play on your iPod, iPhone or iPad 2, then click the "Add to iTunes" button at the lower panel of the Library interface. That's it! Just go to your iTunes to have these songs synced to your Apple devices.

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The streaming audio recorder has many other good features, say, ringtone making for phones, iPhone included, just try them out.

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Hi, Peter, for this question, please kindly noted below my answer. By the way, forget the mention price for the paid version. $19. Below I list the benefits of the paid version: 1. No 7-day limits 2. Auto-Identity track info for music recorded 3. No-limited identify track info for your local music 4. Free technical support If any question, just feel free to come to me. Best regards,
I can record the music fine but cannot get it into the right itunes file for it to come up in itunes, help please.
I have downloaded the free version and it seems to work but will not pick up the album or artist and cannot import to Itunes, I presume if I register for the pay version all these things will work smoothly? How much is the pay version? Thank you for your help regards Peter
Thank you, but does anyone know how to do it on a htc one x phone?
Hi,Mla30, after you record the napster music, go to "All recordings" under Library. After that, highlight the track, and right click to choose "Make Ringtone". Then you'll see a blue indicator, drag it left or right, and click preview to check the result. Normally, the Ringtone will last about 40s. When you're satisfied, click "Save". Then the newly made ringtone will show in under "Ringtone" and automatically add to iTunes. Best regards,
how do you set a song as your ringtone?
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