How to Download BBC Radio to iPod via iTunes

"It is my hobby to listen to the BBC radio. But I find that it is hard to listen to my favorite program timely because of my busy schedule. Now I have an idea, playing the program on iPod on the go. So do you know how to download BBC radio shows to iPod?"—Cathy

Many of you may have asked yourself the same question before. Don't worry any more, here is the easiest solution—recording BBC radio. Since the radio programs are only available as streaming audio via the BBC Radio Player and there're no direct URLs to download the entire radio show as an MP3 file, recording BBC radio could be much wiser and more efficient. Even though you can download some BBC radio shows from its own podcasts, there are more shows that are not available. So it's a good idea to find a great radio recorder to help you out.

We have selected 3 tools for you to record BBC radio easily. Check out the introduction to them and how to use them to record BBC radio.

#1. Wondershare streaming audio recorder

record bbc radio
  • 1. Automatically record BBC radio with good quality
  • 2. Schedule to record and filter out advertisements
  • 3. Create ringtones and playlists for playback

How to download BBC Radio to iPod with the Wondershare SAR

Step 1. Install and launch streaming audio recorder

Download and install the streaming audio recorder on your computer. There are two versions, so keep in mind to choose the right one. After the installation is done, launch it to get ready.

Note that you need to first do some settings to the program in order to record the entire BBC radio shows or programs. Go to the top right of the program to click the Settings icon. Select the Control tab in the pop up window and set the time for automatically spliting to 30000 milliseconds or more.

download bbc radio

Step 2. Start to record BBC radio

Click the Record button on the top left. Then get access to the BBC radio show, find the one you need to record and play it. See, the streaming audio recorder starts to record the BBC radio instantly.

record bbc radio shows

Step 3. Transfer BBC radio shows to iPod, iPhone or iPad

In the Library, choose the BBC programs you'd like to transfer to iTunes. Then click the Add to iTunes button and these audio files could be sent to iTunes automatically. Connect your iPod, iPad or iPhone with your computer and transfer the BBC Radio shows to your iPod via iTunes.

download bbc radio programmes

How to Download BBC Radio Shows Easily (A Video Tutorial)

#2. Free Sound Recorder

free sound recorder

Free Sound Recorder is a free tool that can help in recording online audio. It is very easy to use and all you need to do is to choose the right recording device. After that, play your favorite online audio and it will record the audio to your computer. It will be worth your try.

Install Free Sound Recorder>>

#3. Audacity


Audacity is well known as an audio editor while it can also record streaming audio after some settings. Then you only need to click the Start recording button and play the online music to let the program work automatically. The output files will be in the formats of WAV or AIFF.

Try Audacity>>

Compare 3 Tools to Download BBC Radio to iPod, iPhone or iPad

  Wondershare streaming audio recorder
Free Sound Recorder Audacity
Main functions
Online audio/radio recording
Online audio Recording
Audio editing and recording
1:1 Good Quality Audio
Filter out Ads
Schedule to Record

One Click to Transfer audio files to iTunes
  • 1. good audio quality
  • 2. stable and consistent performance
  • 3. constant updates
  • 1. free
  • 1. more editing features
  • 2. free
  • 1. not free
  • 1. not stable
  • 2. no constant updates
  • 3. no instant technical support
  • 1. not stable
  • 2. no constant updates
  • 3. not easy to use

From the above table, we can find that the Wondershare streaming audio recorder has more functions and allows you to transfer the recorded radio to iTunes with just one click. It means you can easily sync the radio to your iPod, iPhone and iPad. Let's check out the detailed introduction to the three tools below and also a step-by-step tutorial to download BBC radio to iPod, iPhone or iPad.

They're downloading



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I have just downloaded allmymusic for Mac and am recording a BBC radio program but there is no option to reschedule in the left corner pls help
Hi Mika, thanks for your interest in our product. You can press the Record button first. Then go to the bottom left to click the Task Scheduler icon and set the recording time you need. In this way, you can have the program record songs automatically for you.
Hey, How do I program it to record automatically? Or is it impossible with the free trial?
Hello Nigel, you can try re-download this program to see whether it works. If the problem still exists, please come to us later.
I've downloaded this and during installation (on Windows 7) it gets to 54% finished and then crashes wit the message"Sorry! Faield to download Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder. Please make sure that the network connection is normal and download again." Do you have any suggestions to make it work?
Hi Richard, you can use it to download audios from BBC4 Extra.And It's quite normal for the Internet Explorer to pop up a window to make sure that your downloading is safe. And don't worry, the download of this software is 100% safe, just go ahead to have a try.
Hi Ms Smith, Can I use your box of tricks to down load and keep plays from BBC4 Extra? Also, why does Internet Explorer warn me against downloading your app? Does it know something you're not telling me? Regards, RH
Hi Colin, The trial program allows you to record 10 songs for free.Then you can extend it by sharing it through Facebook and Twitter in the registration window.
I thought it was a free programme not a 7 day trial??
Hi, Hala, Could you play the radio smoothly after closing this program? This may be the problem of source radio. Please do try again, thanks. Best regards,
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