How to Download Amazon Music Easily and Freely

Have been tired of having to pay for the music on Amazon? Yes, that's what I feel toward the purchase of music. It is really annoying that when you find your favorite songs, you have to pay for them. Then the next time, you find another loved song, you pay again. As time goes by, what you do is purchase, purchase and purchase. Why cannot it be easier the listen to the music freely? Actually, you could and should. This article is specially written down to tell you how to download music from Amazon freely.

First, take a look at what kind of tool we're going to use to download music from Amazon. It is named streaming audio recorder. It is the top one audio recorder, which can keep the output files as good as the original ones and tag songs with album covers, names and artists. And it could download any songs from Amazon smoothly. See how it works right now!

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1 Install and launch the streaming audio recorder

Click the "Free download" link to get the app. Then click the .exe file to install it. During the process of installation, you should tick "Launch Streaming Audio Recorder right now". Or you can click the desktop icon to run it.

2 Record Amazon music

To ensure that you can get a completed song, please click the "Record" button first. Then connect to the Internet and go to Amazon to find the song you'd like to record. You'd better off finding the completed song and then play it. What happens next? See that the Amazon music Recorder begins to catch notes? That's in the status of recording. Now you can have a cup of coffee, leaving the app do the rest for you. When it finishes the recording, a prompt will tell you the song has been successfully downloaded. To stop the recording, click the "Record again".

download amazon music

3 Transfer to iTunes and other operations

Making ringtones for phones and transferring recorded music to iTunes can be done on streaming audio recorder, too. Transfer to iTunes by select the music and click Add to iTunes button on the bottom. Click bell icon then you can select any part you like in the prompting bitmap.

download amazon music

You might be wondering whether this downloading thing is legal or illegal, right? If you record Amazon music just for personal use not for business purpose, then it is ok. And remember that do not redistribute these recorded songs to other people. What's more, the streaming audio recorder falls in the category of VCR's, DVR's and MP3 Player.

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Now if only this was legal...
one thing that doesnt add up about this is amazon only has previews to my understanding!
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