Top 4 Software to Do HTC Sync with Mac

We all know that HTC has chosen Android as the operating system of its smartphones but Mac is strictly integrated to iOS, the operating system that is being used in Apple's iPhone. Connecting HTC to windows is quite simple and easy – just plug into a USB cable and play. But the same is bit difficult for Mac because of driver issue.

However, sometimes you need to connect HTC phone with Mac. Let's just answer the following two questions. What will you do when you change your phone or somehow lost your mobile phone? Or when you have upgraded the Android version? In those situations you must sync your HTC with Mac. Otherwise, you may lose your important data. As there is no other way through which you can connect your HTC phone directly with Mac, you must take the help of third party tool for doing this. In this article, we will discuss four third party tools that you can use to sync HTC with Mac.

Part 1. What is HTC Sync Manager for Mac

HTC Sync Manager for Mac is a free application, developed by HTC that makes it easier to sync all your media to and from your computer with your HTC phone. With HTC Sync Manager you can also sync all your contacts, calendar events, bookmarks and documents as well. Everything is safely backed up and ready to be updated to your phone.

The features of HTC Sync Manager are listed below:

1.View and manage media on HTC phone from computer

  • Browse and manage music, photos and videos on your phone as well as on your computer.
  • Import iTunes playlists from your computer to HTC Sync Manager.
  • Play music, videos by using the built-in media player.
  • 2.Transfer Content

  • Transfer iPhone photos, text messages, contacts, and more to your HTC phone.
  • Import all music, photos and videos from your HTC phone to your computer
  • Import documents from your computer to your phone
  • Copy selected music, videos, and photos from your computer to your phone
  • 3.Backup and restore

  • Backup your HTC phone to your computer so you can easily restore your backup to the same phone or to another HTC phone.
  • 4.Sync playlist and data

  • Sync music playlists and data such as contacts and calendar between your phone and your computer.
  • Part 2. Sync HTC on Mac with HTC Sync Manager

    Hardware Requirements

    1. Mac computer with an Intel Processor
    2. RAM - 512MB or Higher(recommended)
    3. 1024x768 or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
    4. 100MB of free hard disk space
    5. USB 2.0 or higher

    Software Requirements

    1. Mac OS X 10.6 or later version
    2. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

    Step 1: Download and install HTC Sync Manager for Mac

    Download the HTC Sync Manager installer from the HTC support center site. Launch the installer and follow the simple on screen instruction.

    Step 2: Run HTC Sync Manager and connect HTC with computer

    After installation, connect your HTC phone to your Mac with the supplied USB cable. HTC Sync Manager for Mac will automatically open. If HTC Sync Manager for Mac doesn't start automatically, start it manually. Once HTC Sync Manager has started, it will begin syncing automatically.

    htc sync download mac

    Select the Home tab to view the connected HTC Device. You can see the device property like HTC device type, sync history, Android version, HTC Sense version, and software number.

    htc sync manager alternative mac

    Step 3: Sync Photos

    Click on the Gallery tab. Now you can browse folders both of your computer and your HTC phone. Click the arrow to expand or collapse

    htc sync for mac download

    To send file a file from computer to your phone just find that file in an album and click on HTC phone icon below the file.

    htc mac sync

    To send a file from your HTC phone to computer find that image, right-click it and select Copy to Computer and then select an existing album or create a new album to send that image to.

    htc sync mac os x

    Step 4: Sync Music

    Click on the Music tab and select Music Settings on the left. Click on the Display to add music file from folders on your PC to your phone.

    htc sync mac download

    You can also use Sync Manager to automatically import files from iTunes or Windows Media Player to HTC Sync Manager.

    Part 3. Problems with HTC Sync Manager for Mac

    Q1. Can't run HTC Sync Manager Installer on MAC

    Answer: Go to your System Preferences and then choose "security & privacy" at the bottom. There will be an option to choose the sources that your computer will allow apps to be installed from. You might find right now that "App store and identified developers" is selected. Now change the settings to "All sources".

    Q2. Can't playback video files in HTC Sync Manger

    Answer: HTC Sync Manager can play video files with formats: 3GP, 3G2, WMV, and MP4 (video codec: H.264). You need to install proper codec on your computer for playing all video codes and formats on HTC Sync Manager.

    Q3. Can't connect my phone to computer

    Please check the following:

    1. Check weather USB is enabled or not.
    2. Unlock your phone's screen if it is locked.
    3. Download the latest version which includes new device drivers.

    Part 4. Top 3 Alternative to HTC Sync Manager for Mac to Sync HTC with Mac

    Name Price Supported MAC OS X
    1. Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) $39.95 MAC OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
    2. android file transfer Free MAC OS X 10.5 or later
    3. SyncMate Personal - $39.95
    Family - $59.95
    Business - $99.95
    Unlimited - $199.95
    MAC OS X 10.8 or later

    1.Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac)

    Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) syncs your HTC phone to your Mac OS X. You can backup everything on your HTC phone by using this tool without any hassle. You can also restore selected or all backed up files with a single click. It can be a great program for music and video enthusiasts. With this program, you can directly transfer music from itunes to android phones or export it from HTC phones to iTunes library. You can also download, install, uninstall and backup your app in batches. You can also send and reply text messages and backup them as .txt file.


    1. You can backup contacts, SMS, Calendar, Call logs, and apps from your HTC phone. You can also restore selected or all backed-up data in a single click.
    2. Directly transfer music from itunes to android phone, or export it from your phone to iTunes.
    3. Send group text message from your PC.
    4. Back up all the text messages or selected important threads as a .txt file on your computer.
    5. Install and uninstall favorite apps on PC.
    6. Import and export music, videos, and photos to and from your HTC phone.
    htc sync for mac file transfer

    android file transfer is a program for Mac OS X. It was developed by Google, so you can rely on this software. It can mount your HTC phone as an external hard disk when connected with your Mac. You can use it to view and transfer files between your Mac and an HTC phone. Connecting your Android phone to your Mac is simple. Just connect HTC device with the USB cable that comes with your HTC phone and start browsing your phone just like an USB hard disk.


    1. Mount Android phone like an external hard disk.
    2. Transfer files up to 4GB at a time to or from your Mac.
    3. Easy installation and operation.
    4. Utilize Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to mount Android device on MAC OS X.
    htc sync mac


    SyncMate for Mac allows you to easily exchange files between your Mac and other devices such as other computer, portable device, mobile devices, and online accounts like Google, Dropbox and iCloud accounts. SyncMate is probably the only solution that allows syncing Mac with multiple devices simultaneously. So, you don't have to purchase several syncing solution to sync your Mac with HTC phone. There are two versions available – free version and expert version. The free version will sync most vital data – contacts and calendars. The expert version can do a lot more.


    1. Sync your Mac with multiple devices simultaneously – Android devices, any kind of iOS devices, other Macs, any MTP devices, and mounted storage.
    2. Sync with online accounts – sync data with iCloud storage, Google account or Dropbox.
    3. Numerous sync option – Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, Safari bookmarks, iTunes, iPhoto.
    4. Keep data on your devices fresh with Autosync.
    5. Supports OS X Mavericks.
    6. Background sync, so the app window won't bother.
    htc sync osx

    Comparison of the 4 software according to their key features

    Name Support Auto Sync Sync with Multiple Device Type Sync with Online Account Mount Phone Like external hard disk Send SMS Built-in player Sync with iTunes
    HTC Sync Manager for Mac Yes No No No No Yes Yes
    Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    android file transfer No Yes No Yes No No No
    SyncMate Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes


    Android Manager - One Stop Solution to Manage Your Mobile Lifestyle

    • One click to download, manage, import & export, transfer your music, photos and videos.
    • De-duplicate contacts, switch devices, manage your app collection, backup & restore and send messages from your desktop.
    • Mirror your android device to send messages, and play Android games on your computer.
    • Transfer Files among your mobile devices without limitation.
    • Optimze your device on the go with the MobileGo app.

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